reduce buttock fat.

How to reduce fat from under the buttocks

There is an area of ​​the female body that tends to accumulate fat: just below . Here, it is created as a kind of michelin or roll that affects the aesthetics of the leg and is very uncomfortable for many women who want to have a more slender and clever body. It is not necessary to be overweight to suffer from this accumulation of fat, simply because of the morphology of your body it is possible that stores store fat in this part of the body and can be very difficult to fight. This area is also known as “banana” and many women want to know how to eliminate it permanently. In a COMO we will discover how to remove the fat from under the buttocks so that you know the best exercises to be able to reduce the presence of this uncomfortable michelin in your legs. we should reduce buttock fat.

3 exercises to eliminate fat from under the buttocks reduce buttock fat

There are many exercises to lift and define the butt , however, if we want to remove the fat from under the buttocks, we have to carry out a type of exercise that will tone, precisely, the back of the thigh . In this way, we tonify that area of ​​the body and, little by little, we will be able to define and smooth the skin that is in this area.

However, you have to keep something in mind: it is VERY difficult to work this part of the body . The accumulated fat in specific areas is the most complicated to eliminate and, therefore, you must carry out a good buttock exercise routine accompanied by a healthy diet and low in saturated fats. we should reduce buttock fat.

Here we offer you a list with the 3 best exercises to eliminate the rolls that are under the buttocks.

Stride for the buttocks reduce buttock fat

One of the best exercises to reduce the accumulated fat in this area of ​​the body are the strides. To do them, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Stand upright, upright, with your legs slightly open
  2. Now, take a step forward, bending your leg and lowering your butt as much as you can
  3. Hold in this position for 3 seconds
  4. Regain the initial position and repeat the exercise

You will have to repeat this exercise 15 times in 3 series. Then, change your leg.

High kicks to reduce buttock fat

You can also reduce the accumulated fat by doing a type of kick that is done a lot in karate: the high kick. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Stand up, with your legs slightly open
  2. Lower the body a little, as if you were doing a squat
  3. Now, get up as fast as you can
  4. Flex one of your legs and, with the other, make a kick that reaches the height of the hip. Do it hard so that the exercise is explosive
  5. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise

You must also do 3 sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.

Leg lift reduce buttock fat

And finally, another of the best exercises to remove fat from under the buttocks is this, which also will help strengthen the gluteus in general. You should follow these steps:

  1. Stand on all fours on a mat
  2. Now you must raise one of your legs up, as if you wanted to touch the sky with the sole of the foot
  3. Hold up 3 seconds and slowly lower until you return to the initial position
  4. Repeat the exercise for 15 repetitions

To work the area you must do 3 sets of 15 repetitions with each leg. Ideally, all the exercises that we have indicated, do them 4 or 5 times a week so that your body feels the muscular work and the accumulated fat dissipates. In any case, it is essential to complement this routine with a healthy and low-fat diet that will keep your body in top shape.

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