The 8 best exercises to burn fat in and out of the gym

Your muscles are the best fat burners that exist. The more toned your muscles are, the more calories you will consume, even when you are at rest. Also, if you want to reduce inches from the belly, waist, ass and legs it is very important that you eliminate the accumulated fat. To achieve this, there is nothing like a balanced diet and cardiovascular sports. Here you have the best in and out of the gym.


It is an excellent exercise to lose fat. In addition, running strengthens the muscles and joints of the legs, helps reduce fatigue and stress, and recover lost energy.

Where is it best to practice it?

In asphalt the stability is greater, although it can be harmful in the long run for the knees, hips and spine due to the lack of cushioning. However, running on sand increases the risk of kinks due to the instability of the terrain. The most appropriate surface is the compact earth, a firm terrain, halfway between the two previous ones.


In water you can burn fat in a comfortable and safe way. It is a quick exercise to learn, enjoyable and one of the most complete thanks to the participation of all muscles.

What are the benefits of swimming?

Within the water there is no impact on the body. Therefore, the massage effect of water releases tension in muscles, joints and ligaments. In addition to helping you lose weight, it prevents aging and is very relaxing.


The physical results of riding a bike a couple of days a week are always undeniable. It involves a continuous movement of the legs that prevents and reduces cellulite, improves the cardiovascular system and physical condition. Thick people lose weight and thin people define and harden their muscles.

Trick. Start pedaling at a gentle pace and increase the speed little by little until completing half an hour.


Climbing this machine can change your body. Do 40 minutes 2 to 3 times a week. Choose a resistance with which you notice the effort but that you are able to maintain throughout the session. Be careful to place the knees aligned with the tip of the foot and push with both legs. Ideally, do not raise your heels during the session. What’s more, you squeeze them against the machine. You will notice how your ass hardens.


The oar will make your pulsations rise steadily, very important to burn fat, and is easy to execute. Take advantage and you will see that in a short time you will lose weight, burning fat and toning the upper body.

Trick. Combining the routine in the elliptical with the oar will make you train the lower and upper train easily and safely. You will burn fat, lose weight and have your body toned.


It is fun and an excellent option to achieve a toned and athletic body. In addition, you will increase your reflexes and improve cardiovascular endurance. You will burn the fat quickly and you will see how the cellulite disappears at once. Kick boxing and body combat are fantastic options. In addition, these disciplines intensely work the muscles of the abdomen, so they are perfect for reducing abdominal fat.


The benefits are rapid reduction of weight, gluteus and strong legs, stimulation of blood circulation (helps prevent and eliminate varicose veins) and marked reduction of cellulite. Advice. When doing this exercise the two most important aspects are learning the bicycle settings and a proper pedaling technique. Ask your monitor to advise you.


For the most adventurous. Requires footwear and special equipment. And, of course, the supervision of a specialist to avoid injuries. There are very enjoyable courses for those who want to start. In addition to being able to burn fat, it is a wonderful exercise of self-improvement.


Rowing with rubber. Put your feet on the rubber with your legs slightly bent. Tense the abdominal muscles inward, pulling the rubber back. Flex the elbows, take them from behind the trunk and recover the initial position.

Side strides. Stand with your legs apart, make a step to the side. The leg that you move must be flexed and the other stretched. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Do it again with the other leg.


Move on. Increasing physical activity does not mean just practicing a sport or joining a gym. Simply going up and down two flights of stairs a day instead of using the elevator can mean an extra loss of about 3 kilos a year.

Get off the public transport one or two stops before or park the car a little further … So you force yourself to walk, an easy exercise and available to everyone. Walking one hour at a fast pace for 5 days a week can represent a loss of up to 10 kilos after one year.

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