How to maintain a trailer

When motoring with any kind of towed vehicle, safety is paramount. It is vital that you ensure your trailer meets road standards and is operated legally. You cannot leave it to chance. Trailers don’t have a MOT but they still need to be treated with care. If you’re not sure if a trailer is safe, it’s best to avoid taking it out on the road. It is not worth considering the consequences of letting a damaged or broken trailer loose on a motorway.

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Firstly, ensure that you always keep the trailer clean. As soon as you get home, make sure to remove all the rubbish from behind it. The materials used to make the trailer should not be too difficult to hose down. This will help prevent wear and tear due to dirt and grime accumulation.

It is likely that you’ll be hauling heavy materials that can put undue stress on your wheels. A puncture while pulling a trailer would not be a situation anyone would want to find themselves in so always check tyre pressure and keep a spare.

Do not worry if you discover that any part of your trailer has been damaged. Quality Trailer Parts are available from a site such as

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You should ensure that your vehicle is in good working order and clean if you provide a service to the public, such as moving houses, for example. This also applies to businesses using trailers for work like tree surgery or gardening services.

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