Why Layering is Important to Keep Warm in Winter

When exploring outdoors, especially during the colder months, it’s essential to wear the right clothing to avoid freezing or frostbite. Parts of the body most susceptible to frostbite include the nose, cheeks, chin, ears, fingers and toes, any area that is more exposed to the elements. Wearing insulated gloves, hats, and scarves will help protect these areas from the cold. In addition to protecting these extremities, wearing the proper clothing will increase your comfort and allow you to enjoy your adventure more fully.

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The first layer is the base, a light material like cotton or polyester that will wick away sweat. The second layer is the insulating layer, typically fleece or wool that traps heat to keep you warm. For an aran sweater, take a look at https://www.shamrockgift.com/

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Lastly, the outer layer, also called a shell layer, needs to act like a windbreaker and water resistant jacket to help protect against cold winds and rain. Many insulated jackets today utilise the three layer system and feature two mid-layer and one outer-layer, so you can easily regulate your temperature depending on the season and environment you are in.

It’s also a good idea to choose clothes made from breathable fabrics, which will allow moisture and vapour to escape, rather than retaining it to cause you to overheat. Clothes must always be dry before wearing, as wet or damp clothes transfer cold more quickly than dry ones. These cold-weather tips will help you stay comfortable and warm all winter long!

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