How to host the perfect Seder

Everyone wants to host the perfect Seder this Passover. It’s such an important tradition and one that your children can learn so much from. Hosting the perfect evening means buying the best wine, picking the right plates and maybe even choosing a theme. Make sure your Seder is perfect this year with our guide.
Choosing the best wine

As you know, wine is central to the perfect Passover Seder. On this special night, it’s worth investing in some decent bottles of red kosher-for-Passover wine. Remember you need plenty, with enough for a full four glasses per adult. Some supermarkets will actually categorise their kosher-for-Passover wines. It’s also increasingly common for individuals to request non-alcoholic wines at Seder. Happily, it is possible to find kosher-for-Passover, non-alcoholic wine, but you may need to go somewhere a little more specialised. A good wine will also complement your Seder recipes. Don’t forget the grape juice for the under-18s.

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Choosing a theme

A big part of a Seder is the enlightened conversation around the table, where political chat and an enquiring mind are encouraged, especially amongst the youngest diners. Some families choose a theme for their Seder, as a starting point for discussions. For example, God in the modern world, feminism, or the climate. You can even ask your children to pick a topic.

Buying the perfect plates

Getting the right plates is key to perfect Seder hosting. In no other festival is the serving dish as important as the food that comes on it! Only the best seder plates contain spaces for all six of the symbolic foods that tell the story of Passover. Whether you want simple plates this year, or elegant ornamental ones, you can find a range of styles when you shop for Seder plates from Cazenove Judaica. If you’re expecting a houseful, or hosting outside, then specialist disposable plates are an excellent solution. For youngsters, vibrant, colourful seder plates can help get them excited for the festivities.

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We all want our Seder to pass perfectly, and enjoy an enlightening evening of great food and fine wine. As one of the key Jewish festivals, your children should have happy memories of Seder for the rest of their lives. Plan yours well, right down to the plates you eat from and the theme you discuss, and you’ll enjoy the perfect Seder with your family.

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