The Health and Social Benefits of Playing Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is more than just a great sport and a fun game. It can also improve your health, both physically and emotionally. You will get fitter playing touch rugby, experience greater levels of confidence and make new friends thanks to the social side of the game. This version of rugby removes the rucks and keeps the fitness benefits and fun of the game!

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Touch rugby is getting more popular across the world as more people realise the benefits of playing rugby without the rucks and scrums. You can enjoy all the physical challenges of the full-contact game of rugby and enjoy the social side of playing a team game without the more dangerous aspects of the sport.

The Rules of Touch Rugby

The basic of touch rugby are simple. You have six players on a team and you get six chances to score before play passes to the opposing team. You have to pass the ball backwards and score by putting it over the try line.

To stop an attack, the defending player must touch the player with the ball. When the attacked has been touched, they must place the ball between their legs and the defending team moves back five metres. After being touched six times (or if they drop the ball), the attacking team has to give the ball up to the opposition.

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For a more in-depth look at the rules of touch rugby, check out the informative website from England Touch (ETA), the governing body of the sport in England. The organization also gives details on where to play and how to get involved.

To improve touch rugby skills, it is a great idea to try special drill you can find online, such as rugby drills through Sportplan. It is easy to improve your fitness with rugby drills, as they work all aspects of the body, from muscle strength to cardiovascular endurance. Drills also help your technical skills and confidence with the ball.

The Physical and Social Benefits

Touch rugby requires stamina, strength and coordination as well as rugby skills. It is a fun and light-hearted sport and encourages the social aspect. It is also a great way to lose weight and get fit. Some clubs even use music during their games to add to the fun atmosphere.

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