The Essential Equipment inside an Ambulance

Ambulances are more than just a way to transport sick patients into hospital quickly. They are also like a mini hospital or doctors’ surgery on wheels. They have the ability to be able to treat a patient and potentially save their life.

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It is also not only the hospital that has ambulances. Independent first aid companies can provide them as well as places like that provide event medical cover.

Here are a few of the things that you will find inside the ambulance that make it such a special and useful vehicle…

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Portable Ventilators – These specialist machines are created especially to be used on the move and are designed to be on a vehicle. These basically breathe for the patient and can keep them alive on their way into hospital.

An Oxygen Supply – As well as a ventilator to keep people breathing, there is also a supply of oxygen onboard an ambulance. This can be used for a wide range of patients from survivors of a fire who may have inhaled a lot of smoke to someone having an asthma attack.

A Defibrillator – These life saving machines are an incredibly important part of an ambulance. Used to restart the heart, they have saved many lives and are crucial to the equipment inside an ambulance as a first response vehicle as with heart attacks time is of the essence.

An ECG Monitor – This is also essential for the monitoring of the heart and allows the paramedics to be able to keep an eye on the patient’s heart rate whilst they are being treated and are in transit to the hospital.

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