The Office Posture Health Risks

Office work isn’t considered a particularly risky job – its certainly not in the same league as stunt pilot or lion tamer! But it is a job that a lot of people find that they can develop health problems from, and these are mainly related to inadequate office furniture as well as poor posture. So, make sure that your office chairs are up to scratch and if necessary, get new ones from somewhere like this office chairs Gloucester based company as well as educating all staff regularly on the correct posture.

Here is how poor posture causes health problems for the future…

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Back Problems – This is probably the most obvious result of poor posture. When the body is forced into an unsuitable position for hours at a time on a daily basis, your back is certainly likely to be suffering the consequences. Pains and pulled muscles as well as spinal problems can all be caused by poor posture at work.

Digestive Problems – This is a result of poor posture that many people do not realise. When you are slouched, the stomach is not able to digest the food correctly, which can lead to heartburn and acid reflux, as well as causing problems for the intestines which are lower down the digestive system.

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Headaches – Headaches can often be caused by poor posture, as the back and neck can suffer stress which can then lead to the person developing a headache. Another factor in office work is the glare from the computer screen – it is really important to take break from the screen regularly to avoid this.

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