The benefits of tomato juice

If you have not enjoyed a delicious and refreshing tomato juice I assure you that you are missing the great benefits that this wonderful drink can bring you. They also provide the large amount of nutrients that your body requires for its proper functioning. We tell you what their nutritional values ​​are, as well as their properties for different uses in relation to our health.

What are the nutritive values ​​of the tomato?

Among the nutritional values ​​of tomato juice is lycopene , a substance that according to scientific research has anti-carcinogenic properties and acts to prevent this disease. One of the best ways to get all the nutrients from the tomato is to take the juice prepared with the fresh tomatoes.

Another important aspect in the consumption of tomato juice is the low calorie content it has, since for every 180 ml we take we will only be taking 31 calories, it does not have saturated or polyunsaturated fats, so its total fat levels They are minimal.

Tomato juice is an important source of:

  • Vitamins A and C , which can fight free radicals and prevent the oxidation process of cells.
  • Vitamin K.
  • Vitamins of complex B.
  • Iron.
  • Calcium .
  • Sodium.
  • Potassium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Match.

This delicious juice is rich in fiber, therefore it helps in a very effective way to regulate intestinal transit, to provide satiety and to reduce bad cholesterol.  It also contains niacin , which is a potent regulator of cholesterol, so it is ideal to take it regularly, especially those people who tend to suffer from high cholesterol in the blood. It is best to take it in the morning, before or during breakfast.

The benefits of taking tomato juice

Drinking tomato juice gives us the following benefits:

For the heart

People suffering from heart disease  should take tomato juice more often, as its components help control and improve many of these conditions. It is known that it can help prevent heart attacks and other heart problems in healthy people.

By reducing the levels of bad cholesterol , it also reduces its accumulation in the coronary arteries, which decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease . This of course, we must combine it with a healthy lifestyle if we want there to be beneficial effects.

For blood pressure

Due to its high content of potassium it is ideal to help control blood pressure , this is a problem that many people suffer from and with the consumption of tomato juice this condition can be markedly improved.

For skin care

Another important benefit of tomato juice is the one that contributes to the care of the skin: it  prevents infections and keeps it clean of impurities such as pimples, acne and multiple skin diseases , in addition to keeping the skin very well hydrated.

For alcoholism

Tomato juice is very appropriate for all those who drink alcohol because of its effects on the liver. This organ is responsible for processing alcohol to be able to eliminate it from our organism, but when we drink too much, this organ becomes saturated. The properties of the tomato help to lower the inflammation of the liver and to help eliminate the toxins.

We must start from the basis that drinking alcohol in large quantities is always harmful to anyone. However, if some day you have spent a bit with alcohol, tomato juice or raw tomato, will be your great allies, as it has a calming effect to counteract the annoying effects of the hangover.

For arthritis

Due to its high content of vitamin C, when the tomato juice is taken regularly the immune system is strengthened. Thus, we help prepare the body and strengthen its defenses so that it can fight different conditions, including arthritis and painful inflammations that it produces in the body of those who suffer from it.

As you have already seen, there are many benefits you can receive when consuming tomato juice, especially if you prepare it with fresh tomatoes since this way you can receive a greater amount of nutrients and beneficial substances . Encourage yourself from now on to be a fan of tomato juice , doing so a great favor to your entire body.

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