Keeping your back healthy when working in construction

If you work in the construction industry you might firn that over time it starts to take its toll on your back. This is because the work that is completed in this industry is labour intensive. This means that it puts a lot of stress and strain on the body and the muscles in particular.

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There are a number of ways that you can help to protect your back whilst at work and these can include:

Breaks – make sure that you take regular breaks from your work to stretch out your muscles. This is applicable whether you work in a desk job or in a more manual position. Taking a few moments out to gently stretch your back, legs and arms can help to keep cramping and muscle tension away/

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Machinery – use machinery to help you with your job and in particular look to use Pallet Trucks like the ones from to help you move heavy items. This not only helps to protect your back but also makes it safer for all those who are working in the area.

Training – if you use specialist equipment or machinery you should ensure that you have the correct training. If you manually carry items around you should also make sure that you have manual handling training to give you the best advice on how to safely pick items up and carry them.

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