Getting to burn abdominal fat is a concern for many people. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are big enemies of that part of the body. If they are not controlled in a disciplined way, it is almost impossible to wear a stylized figure free of those unsightly fat rolls. Fortunately, you do not need to attend a gym every day or undergo strict diets to achieve good results. If you adopt a balanced diet plan and do home exercises, you can start to mold this area to give it the desired appearance. This time we want to share 7 best exercises to lose belly fat, you can incorporate into your routine to focus on this area of the body. Keep in mind that you will only reach the goal if you work the three areas that comprise it: superior, inferior and lateral. 

Best exercises to lose belly fat

1. Iron to burn abdominal fat
Griddle, best exercises to lose belly fat


With the plate position, also known as ” plank “, almost all the muscle groups of the body are worked, including the abdomen. It is an exercise of physical endurance that will test your balance, concentration, and strength.

How to do it?
Lie face down on a yoga mat and lean on your forearm and the tips of your feet.
The hips should be slightly raised, the back straight and the neck relaxed.
Hold this position for 15 or 20 seconds and rest.
Make 3 series.
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2. Abdominal curl, best exercises to lose belly fat

The abdominal curl is a very simple way of doing the classic abdominals since the legs relax and the effort is centered only on the belly.

How to do it?
Lie on a bench or high surface, with your hands behind your neck.
Keeping the legs firm on the floor, raise the upper half of the torso , contracting the abdominals.
Descend carefully to the initial position and complete 12 repetitions.
Do at least 3 series per session.

3. Leg flexion
Flexion-leg, best exercises to lose belly fat

Leg flexion exercises involve more resistance, but they are very effective at thinning the abdomen and thighs.

In this case, it is recommended to make them on a chair or high object so that the force is focused only on the lower part.

How to do it?
Sit on the edge of the chair, with your back tilted back and your legs extended.
Next, begin bending the knees, bringing the thighs towards the abdomen.
Keep the muscles contracted throughout the activity, and try to do between 8 and 10 repetitions.
Finally, complete 3 series.

4. Leg raising, best exercises to lose belly fat

There are several ways to do leg lift within the daily exercise routine to burn abdominal fat. However, in this case we propose one in particular, which not only works the thighs but also the buttocks and the abdomen.

How to do it?
Lie down on an exercise mat, with both hands at your sides, resting on the floor.
Straighten your legs and raise them without bending your knees.
Try to carry them as high as possible. Then, descend in a controlled manner.
Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

5. Crunched abs

The crossed crunches are an activity that allows to tone the abdomen and reduce the fat deposited in the waist. Its constant practice shapes the figure and helps to reaffirm the muscles of this area of the body.

How to make them?
Lie down on a mat for yoga, hands behind his head and legs outstretched.
Flex the right knee and raise it, so that it meets the left elbow.
Go back to the starting position and do it with the opposite side.
Keep the abdominals contracted during the entire activity, until completing a series of 15 repetitions each.
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6. Touch the tips of the feet

The stretching of the hands towards the tips of the feet forces the abdomen to contract, while the waist is molded. Instead of doing it in the traditional way, we propose that it be with the body lying on the ground to increase its intensity.

How to do it?
Lying on your back, stretch your legs towards the ceiling and extend your arms. In this way, the shoulders are slightly lifted off the ground.
Try to get your toes as close as you can, keeping your abs tight.
Hold the position 10 or 15 seconds and rest.
Do 3 repetitions.

7. Sides with dumbbells
Dumbbell sides, best exercises to lose belly fat


To end this simple routine to burn abdominal fat, take a pair of dumbbells in each hand and make these simple laterals (also known as obliques).

How to make them?
Standing with your feet slightly apart and your back straight, hold a dumbbell in each hand on the sides of your body. Start the trunk flexion towards the right side, so that it reaches as low as possible without bending the knees.
Then, return to the starting position and descend to the other side. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each side.
These exercises to burn abdominal fat can be done in any space of your home without having to invest a lot of time. Challenge yourself to do them every day, complement them with a good diet and enjoy a thinner abdomen in no time.

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