Low Effort Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit in College

With all of the studying and writing that you have to do in college, it can be hard to stay in shape. However, the truth is that there are a lot of ways that you can work in some exercise and stay healthy throughout the week without committing to any kind of strict diet or workout regimen. It’s all about making little lifestyle choices that will keep you in top form without the need to obsess over your waistline or your weight. Here are some low effort ways to stay healthy and fit in college.

Always Take the Stairs

There are usually all kinds of buildings that you will be going in and out of that are multiple stories high in college. For example, Emerson College is a college that consists of only one building, but that building has four stories. If you think about it, four stories isn’t that high to climb, and if you’re climbing the stairs every day, it won’t seem like anything at all. That said, when you start climbing those stairs multiple times each day, you can burn a lot of calories.

Stretch Every Day

When you spend all day in a seated position, your sedentary lifestyle can really start to make you feel lethargic on a constant basis. Fortunately, if you commit to getting up and stretching for 5-10 minutes just once or twice a day, you can really unblock a lot of the tension that is weighing you down so that you don’t feel too tired to go out and do something https://www.doondoc.com/doc/ambien-online/ active when you manage to get a break from your studies. This is especially the case if you are earning a top degree from an online college. Students from Adelphi’s health informatics online masters say that you don’t have to commit to a yoga class if you can just manage to get out of your chair and take a short stretch break at least twice per day.

Always Carry Healthy Snacks

There might be healthy food choices at your college cafeteria, but what about those little cravings you get before and after a long lecture? Those are the times when it’s really easy to head to the nearest kiosk and order a large iced mocha, or hit the vending machine for a bag of salty potato chips. As tasty as these snacks may sound, they’re not the best fuel for your busy lifestyle, and you’ll feel much better if you keep your backpack stocked each day with healthy snacks like trail mix, dried fruits, carrots and peanut butter or a few granola bars.

Get a Bike

One of the best ways to stay in shape while you’re in college and get around much faster is by riding a bike. You don’t usually have too far to travel, but you can get to all your key destinations much faster when you’re on a bike. Plus, all those little rides really start to add up, and you’ll never have to wait for a bus because you’ll be fully independent.

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