Why A Small Belly During Pregnancy?

Why A Small Belly During Pregnancy?

Many women who are in an interesting position will agree that as soon as their belly starts to grow and noticeably rounded, relatives, friends, and work colleagues suddenly become real pregnancy experts. Familiar and unfamiliar people are keenly interested in how long you are and why you have such a big or small belly. In most cases, comments, even if very friendly, embarrass and oppress the future mother. She has doubts about whether everything is all right with the child. In our article, we will try to answer the question: why the tummy during pregnancy may be less than expected and is it the norm.

Why A Small Belly During Pregnancy?

The size of the abdomen – not an indicator

Some ladies are proud of the fact that their belly grows quickly during pregnancy, while others are pleased that they look very “slender” for a decent period. Doctors say that, like all people are unique, so is the body of each woman when preparing for motherhood individually.

Why A Small Belly During Pregnancy?

The size and shape of the abdomen in a pregnant woman depends on many factors:

  • Height and weight of women;
  • Whether it is the first child or the next one;
  • Fetal position in the abdomen;
  • Single or multiple pregnancies.

Even the most experienced doctor or midwife will not be able to tell which month of pregnancy the future mom is at, just by looking at her figure. Only with careful examination and palpation can experts suggest an approximate pregnancy period for a woman.

And again: if you do not have diabetes and you do not suffer from severe and prolonged nausea in the morning (toxicosis), then the size of your stomach should not embarrass you!

The reasons why the small belly during pregnancy

Pregnant women are very suspicious and worried about any comments about their appearance. In any case, if you are worried about some kind of problem that arose during pregnancy, it is better to immediately contact your gynecologist at the site, rather than discuss it with incompetent people.

Why A Small Belly During Pregnancy?

Doctors know that it is best to determine the duration of pregnancy weeks and not months since the child can grow significantly even in one week. For example, a six-month pregnancy can mean a period of 24 to 27 weeks, but the weight of a child at week 24 is much https://dietitianlavleen.com/get-rid-of-accutane/ less than at week 27, which can cause a mother’s anxiety about her small belly. The most accurate method for assessing the height and weight of a child is ultrasound, so you should not worry and compare yourself with other women beforehand.

Why A Small Belly During Pregnancy?

Let’s take a closer look at the causes of a “small belly” in a pregnant woman:

  • A woman is preparing for the first time to become a mother. In primiparous, there is a more compact tummy, because the abdominal muscles have not yet stretched, are in good shape and tense. However, some women with the second and subsequent pregnancies also look very neat, especially if they are in motion and play sports.

  • Depending on the position of the fetus. The child constantly moves and changes position, most often up to 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. This may affect the size of the abdomen, which seems smaller than that of other moms.
  • The growth of women. A girl with a high waist preparing to become a mother is likely to have a small abdomen when she is pregnant since the uterus has enough space to accommodate the baby and does not move far forward.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is produced from the body fluid of the woman. Their level is constantly changing, so the shape and size of the abdomen changes. With shallow water, the tummy will not bulge, so with this pathology should be observed with a specialist.

  • The size of the fetus. Children are usually born in the same weight range as their parents. Nobody canceled genetics yet. However, subsequent children are often born larger than their older brothers and sisters. It has also been observed that boys weigh more at birth than girls. Sometimes too small belly indicates a child’s physical development lag, then consultation of a qualified obstetrician-gynecologist is required.

It is hoped that from our article you will understand that the miniature physique of a woman during pregnancy is no reason to panic. The future mom needs to get tested, calm down and enjoy this happy period of life!

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