The 5 benefits of yoga that will make you come back to class

We understand you perfectly. It is very complicated to combine work, obligations and other daily routines with perseverance at the time of taking care of ourselves . At the end of the day you come home so exhausted that your exercise plan and healthy diet are diluted between the layers of that fast burger that you had no choice but to order because it did not give you life. But, like everything in life, it is a matter of willpower and organization. Think about it, did not you feel much better when you left your yoga class ? You had a clear mind and your body thanked those muscles stretched after eight hours sitting in the office. You even walked in another way. And you were more positive. Oh, they’re making you want to go back! Well, you should, especially for these five reasons that make yoga the ideal exercise .

Body and mind control.

As yoga teacher Lucía Liencres explains on her website, thanks to the asanas (yoga postures), we acquire the ability “that our bodily and mental patterns change and be purified and we also learn to breathe, thus controlling the realities of your mind, the fluctuations and the flow of energy All the muscles are connected and the mind is so strong that it is easier to control it with the help of my other muscles, which I can control by doing yoga postures. ” Do you know that feeling that your body is on one side and your mind on the other? For with the practice of yoga this will not happen again, because you will begin to be one. It is like taking the reins of a horse that galloped unbridled, but now obeys each of your orders. And do not forget to add to the list that, with regular practice, you will feel aincrease your memory, your concentration and your attention .

Increase your strength.

Do not be fooled by the peace exhaled by yoga , because the asanas strengthen each and every one of the muscles of your body. Practicing them with constancy gets you toned, improves blood circulation, glandular functioning, balance and agility. You see it? Not only Zumba lives your anatomy.

Hello, flexibility!

This will de-nurture your body, friend. Keep in mind that most postures of this discipline, from the simplest to the most complicated, are based on muscle stretches. For that reason, and although the flexibility depends to a large extent on your innate conditions and on how you have worked it throughout your life, it is never too late to recover it. The key when it comes to increasing it based on asanas, is to respect the breath , so that you can relax the muscle as you release the air, in order to achieve greater elongation each time. You will see how little by little you are getting results.

Goodbye, back pain.

No, we do not say it. Says a joint study of the universities of Boston, Harvard, Pittsburgh and Washington, yoga gets relief from back pain. This power resides in that mixture of breathing and stretching positions. Thanks to them, the muscles contracted due to sedentary life and bad postures, expand , and we recover space between the vertebrae, relieving tension in the spine.  What are you waiting for to put it into practice?

Say goodbye to stress.

This is, perhaps, one of the reasons that leads more people to the universe of yoga. And no, it’s not just a feeling of relaxation. Recent studies have shown that yoga is able to influence the plasticity of the brain , promoting the creation of new synaptic connections (the links between our neurons) and improving, therefore conditions of stress and anxiety. It has even been said that its effects are similar to some antidepressants, so it is also recommended in cases of depression. At this point, the control of breathing that yoga teaches us is key, since it is one of the bases to calm the nervous system.

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