What do you need to create a small spa at home?

With simple details you can have a place to relax and pamper yourself.

1. Free space

You must allocate a place in the house to be able to adapt it and give you a few hours of tranquility and beauty treatments. It does not matter if your home is big or small, let your creativity guide you, the bathroom or your room are perfect scenarios.

2. Perfect lighting

The spas are characterized by having a soft lighting that transmits calm and serenity. To achieve this at home you can locate lamps of 25 watts or ambientate the place with candles, which in addition to giving the necessary light, will decorate exceptionally.

3. Delicious aromas

In a Spa it is fundamental to awaken http://healthsavy.com each one of the senses in a pleasant way, of course, the smell is not the exception, so it is important that you strategically locate your favorite fragrances to harmonize the space.

4. Music

The power of the right song at the right moment helps our being to transform. That’s why in spas there’s never a lack of music, choose themes that help you relax and eliminate stress.

5. Tranquility

When planning your spa time at home, you should make sure that there will be no people or situations that distract you. Being in an atmosphere of calm and serenity is essential for the goal to be fulfilled.

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