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The healthy foods that can not miss in your Christmas menus

Christmas is already here next year and this year we want to do different things. For this, we are following the 2018 fitness advents calendar so that we do not stop doing sports even if we have less time. We also have already clear all we have to do to continue caring for us throughout the month and not to binge on holidays and Christmas dinners with healthy foods.

This Christmas we go with everything to make a difference with them and that is the year that we have been healthier. However, we like to take care of ourselves, but we also like to eat. For that reason, we do not want to give up the rich and tasty food during these holidays. Luckily for us, healthy is not the antonym of rich and with these essential foods in our healthy Christmas dinner we will also get delicious flavors.

Healthy foods that can not miss in your Christmas menus

Startershealthy foods

In my house it is not Christmas if there is not a good and varied ration of starters, all of them with an excellent pint and an even better taste. If the same thing happens in your house, we have some healthy ideas that will delight all who sit at the table. Start your Christmas menus with healthy foods.

Do not miss the seafoodhealthy foods

As a good daughter of Galician, I do not understand a Christmas without good seafood rations. Luckily for me, and for all those who like to enjoy seafood, it is very healthy food, very varied and versatile and also low in calories. One of the biggest advantages is that there is a type of seafood for every taste, which makes it easier to get it right. It is the best Christmas menus with healthy foods.

These foods contain mineral elements beneficial to our bodies such as copper, manganese or selenium. Some mollusks, such as mussels or knives, contain iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus or potassium. One of the greatest advantages of this type of food is that it is very versatile and we can make numerous recipes. From simply cooked or grilled prawns to more elaborate recipes such as fake seafood mousse or a shrimp cocktail.

Hummus, homemade guacamole or cream of avocado to spreadhealthy foods

Another thing that can not be missed in the starters are some good creams or mousses to spread. This year, instead of using another type more ultra-processed or based on unhealthy fats, we can opt for healthier options such as hummus, guacamole or avocado cream.

These are lighter, lower in calories and, above all, nutritionally more complete. Another advantage of these foods is that, when made at home, we can make variations to our taste in the recipe. In this way, it will comply with everything we expect from good spreads. Some of our favorite recipes are beetroot hummus, avocado cream, and cod or classic guacamole.

Canapes and tapas, pleasehealthy foods

It may seem difficult to get healthy tapas or canapes, but if we choose the right ingredients for it, they can be a very complete and healthy food. Some of the most suitable ingredients that we can use are smoked salmon, a good ham – if possible that does not have added sugars -, but we can also add some fruits such as melon, some cheeses, or fish such as anchovies.

Some of our favorite recipes are canapés with anchovies, avocado, cheese, and vegetable caviar, melon makes with ham, salmon canapés, cream cheese, and honey or crunchy nuts biscuits.

Strong plateshealthy foods

Not only appetizers as one, so in almost all houses there is usually at least one main dish that follows the starters. Here, too, we can make better choices that help us eat healthily, but without sacrificing taste.

If we are going to choose meat that is lean

This Christmas is not necessary that we renounce the flesh. For this, it is enough to choose a type of lean meat and avoid as much as we can the processed ones like the sausages. The best options we have are to choose the breasts of both turkey and chicken, sirloin, loins, shoulders or legs.

A temptation that we usually have is to cook these meats with very caloric sauces. However, this year we can opt for sautéing or a healthy stew and accompany them with vegetables or seasonal vegetables.

Fishhealthy foods

Choosing fish is always a good and healthy option. However, in some houses, there is doubt about whether to use this type of food since it costs more than the small ones of the house to eat it and could complicate the dinner. However, this type of food gives us many options so we can eat fish in a healthy way and children love it.

Fish cakes, hake meatballs or hamburgers, tuna tacos, or melon and salmon skewers are very original, colorful and tasty dishes that will be very tempting for our children and adults.

Desserthealthy foods

Yes, the dessert, indeed. Eating healthy does not mean we have to give up dessert. What it does mean is that instead of buying it, the best we can do is to do it ourselves. This will ensure that it is healthy, but also that it is made to our liking.

Some of our best options for these dates are the delicious chocolates and raspberries that we love. Also the chocolate cream with avocado and banana, or the glasses of fresh mango cheese and red fruits. The key is that none of them contain sugar and are based on fruit.

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