Lose Weight Fast - Is It Possible?

Lose Weight Fast – Is It Possible?

Today, there are a lot of diets, articles and expert advice on how to lose weight fast by 3, 5 or even 10 kilograms. But all of them will not bring harm to the body and show themselves in action?

First of all, do not forget that a fast diet is suitable for absolutely not every person. A fast diet, for the most part, is a hard diet and a number of restrictions. If the body is weak, the immune system is lowered or there are incompatible diseases, then losing weight quickly is strictly prohibited! Therefore, before deciding on such a step, you need to consult with the doctors and consult an endocrinologist.

But, nevertheless, if you decide that you urgently need to lose a few extra pounds, then you should remember a number of important rules and look at the most benign diets.

What needs to be changed in life to start the process of losing weight?

The first thing you need to start controlling is the daily regimen. In order for the metabolism to accelerate and the body’s processes are not violated, it is important to observe the schedule of sleep and eating.

Do not starve!

To exclude from the diet junk food: fatty, sweet, fried, fast food, fast food.

Start chewing the food you eat thoroughly. Scientists agreed that food should be chewed about 40 times.

Live according to a schedule that will include an active lifestyle. Even if you have plenty of free time, but still try to paint in order all your affairs for the next day. Then it will be easier for you to control your active process. If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, then exercise at home or take part in some of the popular games for weight loss and body tidying up. In a pinch, try daily exercise.

Drink water. More water. Refuse from soda, sweet shop chemistry, and even mineral water. In extreme cases, replace the water with coffee or green tea without sugar.

Be careful when choosing products. Most of the products from the store today are stuffed with hormones, and vegetables and fruits are modernized. There are many myths about the genomodification of products. One of these, for example, says that the frog gene was introduced into the potato, as it initially did not cope with the rains. Now potatoes grow more actively during heavy rains. Try to buy the cleanest and healthy fruits, vegetables and meats to keep your own health.

Eat from small plates. It is believed that the larger the plate on the table in front of a person, the greater his psychological hunger. To eat enough will be food that can fit into two palms. Then the stomach will not become stretched, and in the diet, you will know the measure.

Do not drink a lot of water at night. Ideally, it is believed that water should be drunk as little as possible after 16-17 hours. Prior to this, for proper metabolism and lack of edema, it is preferable to drink the greatest amount of water.

Eat every 3-4 hours. Thus, in the evening your stomach will no longer want a new portion of tasty macaroons with chicken and mushrooms, and the metabolic processes will start to flow most easily.

Start keeping a diary of your diet. This will help you begin to control yourself and adjust your diet and “breakdowns” in the future.

Lose Weight Fast - Is It Possible?

Always carry with you a container of food and refuse to have a snack with hamburgers and coffee cakes.

It is best to lose weight fast together. Find a company or persuade your best friend with similar problems to join your aspirations to the best figure. Most likely she will be only glad!

Observing all these rules, you can lose 2, 3, 5 or 10 kilograms in the shortest possible time in the regime that is gentle to the body.

Impossible to lose weight in a specific area

Not uncommon, when you really want to lose weight fast in a particular area: in the “lashka” (thighs), pope, legs or stomach. And here you need to understand that our body does not direct the process of losing weight (if it is correct and does not harm health) to any specific area.

The main understanding of weight loss should be that the body loses the whole weight. So if the legs start to lose weight, then the chest will go away. All have different problems, individual: sides, tum, second chin, full hands. So when you, for example, go to take the extra fat on the sides, then in centimeters will go other parts of the body, including the chest.

How to lose weight fast without dieting

Diet – this concept is not only temporary but rather vague. In order to lose weight (be it 5, 10, 20 or 50 kilograms), the diet should become a way of life. This can be summarized in one concept – proper nutrition.

Nevertheless, there are several ways out of the situation, if you need to get into your favorite dress by the end of the month, and it still wraps its hated sides. Fasting days will come to the rescue.

Fasting days will not only help you lose weight fast at home but also cleanse the body of excess toxins and toxins. The most important thing to understand is that fasting days are not a diet. No need to bring everything to fanaticism. Carry out such procedures once or twice a week, not more often.

Fasting days can be carried out on kefir, buckwheat, green apples or chicken breast.

During such days, it is worthwhile to postpone exercise, use as much water as possible and, if possible, go to the sauna or bath (in extreme cases, take a hot bath or shower). After the unloading day, also do not rush to the food, as on something that was previously prohibited. Otherwise, you will not only gain the lost kilograms but also recover even more.

Another effective method will be the rejection of sweets. Replace pastries, chocolates, and sweets with a glass of sweet tea in the morning and fruit. Your body is enough for full-fledged work, and kilograms will noticeably go away with centimeters at the waist.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding

Diets for young mothers during breastfeeding are strictly prohibited. The fact is that if the body does not get the necessary elements for feeding the baby, he will simply start to “pull” them out of muscle mass and immunity, which will affect the condition of hair, skin, nails and general well-being.

The only option would be only a competent approach to your own diet and exercise.

You can get rid of the bread, but leave the pasta of the highest solid grade. Juices replaced by herbs and green tea. Sausage and nipples are easily replaced with light meat or poultry. You can withdraw from the diet foods such as nuts, seeds, sweets, chocolate, fried foods.

Lose Weight Fast - Is It Possible?

Again, you must start to observe the diet: eat fractional every 3-4 hours and not eat 3 hours before bedtime, drink more water. Start doing regular exercises, walk more. You can increase the number of hours in the fresh air while walking with your child in good weather. Ideally, you need to walk from 8 or more kilometers per day.

How to correctly exit the diet

If you, nevertheless, decided to start to adhere to a strict diet (there are a lot of them today), then remember that you need to get out of it correctly in order not to gain weight again.

Do not pounce on food after the last day of the diet. Continue to eat the same way as during weight loss, but in a lighter version.

Do not forget about fasting days. Best of all make them your life mates and return to them 1-2 times a week.

Foods that have been banned during the diet include gradually and in small portions.

Return to the diet more healthy foods full of vitamins and minerals, but which will not load your stomach: fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Lose Weight Fast - Is It Possible?

If you really want sweet, then try to use it for a little bit before 12 hours a couple of times a week.

Do not overeat and do not ask for supplements.

Continue to drink plenty of water, do exercises, and walk a lot, exercise.

Believe in yourself and your success! Love your reflection!

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