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Reduce stress and fatigue with good posture in the office

Spending eight hours or more in front of the computer is undoubtedly exhausting for the eyes and for the body in general, but, if in addition to work stress you add a bad posture in the office, your body will charge you the bill. So, if it is inevitable that you spend so many hours in a chair, today I am going to talk to you about the importance of a good posture in the office and how to achieve it.

I launched with the meditation, yoga and fitness coach Gabriela Martínez to teach me a little more about those little details that make a big difference in life.

Why is good posture important in the office?

good posture

“It seems not, but the position in the office has a great influence on the areas in which stress accumulates. If you do your hip forward, it is more likely that you will accumulate stress in the lower part. If you use the keyboard very high, the pain will be concentrated in the shoulders, while the location of the monitor directly affects the neck, “says Gaby before starting to give me his valuable advice.

Thus, when your posture in the office is not adequate, the level of accumulated stress will increase, in addition to which muscular pains may appear and in the case of the hands, it may affect the nerves or cause tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons).

How to achieve good posture in the office?

“Achieving good posture in the office is paramount and will even make you feel lighter and you will notice an improvement in your physical well-being. It is important that every day you commit to correct the way you work, in this way it will become a habit and you will do it naturally later “, says Gaby.

These are Gaby’s advice to maintain good posture in the office:

  • The monitor should be at eye level
  • The chair, preferably, must have arms rests
  • The arms should be on the arms rest horizontally to the desk
  • The mouse should not be too far from your hand
  • The knees must form a 90 ° angle
  • The back should be straight and preferably recharged on a backrest
  • The feet should be resting on the floor

Advantages of having a good posture in the office

Enjoy the advantages of having a good posture in the office and combine it with other stretches.

Gaby recommends that you avoid spending too much time without moving from your seat, so in another session, we will tell how to give a break to our body and relieve some of the daily stress with small exercises that go from walking a few minutes to stretching without moving your place.

Work, many times, can be exhausting, but I assure you that applying these tips, you will notice the difference in your body.

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