Van hire and the importance of your driving licence

Before you hire a van, it is important to know how your driving licence will be used; after all, many hire companies will assume you are already aware of everything you need to know.

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What happens when you hire a van?

When you organise van hire Bristol, the hire company will need to see your driving licence. The company will ask to see your photocard licence, or a paper licence if it dates before March 2000. Some companies will also ask to see whether you have penalty points. You may also be asked for a code that allows the company providing van hire in Bristol, such as Autolyne van hire, to check your driving licence status online. Others may ask for a printout of your driver’s licence.

Every company will have its different policies; in fact, some companies may even have different policies according to their branch. It is really important to check what is needed before you make a booking.

How do you get a driving licence code?

To get a code for your van hire in Bristol, go online to DVLA and enter your driving licence details and national insurance number. There is a tab that enables you to share your driver’s licence information and a button that enables you to generate a code. This code is then valid for 21 days and can be used on one occasion to protect your privacy; however, it is possible to have up to 15 codes active at any one time, which can be useful if you are looking to organise multiple van hires.

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What to do if you arrive without your code

If you go to organise van hire in Bristol and realise that you don’t have a code or a hard copy of your licence with you, you can call the DVLA there and then and give permission for the hire firm to check your status verbally. If the company has an internet connection, you can also use this to log on and generate your code there and then.

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