Switch up lighting to change the mood

Has it ever occurred to you that the lighting in a room can considerably affect your mood? Does a stark light make you feel edgy or intimidated? Does a soft warm glow put you instantly at ease? Many home and business owners don’t realise the impact of lighting on well-being. You can completely change the ambience of a room simply by adjusting the colour, temperature and position of your lighting.

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To create a relaxed, even romantic vibe, having gently dispersed light emanating from one corner with the main overhead lights off is a good move. This can be achieved with either a fire, candles, a standing lamp or even an overhead light with a dimmer switch. Remember to pair up lights with stylish Ceiling Roses from https://www.creative-cables.co.uk/2648-ceiling-roses

For a room with focus and energy, leave off any peripheral lighting and choose a bright overhead direct lighting approach. This is effective for work meetings or playrooms, for example. When concentration and focus is the main aim, evenly spaced lighting throughout the whole room is advised. This is also the lighting approach adopted in most kitchens, especially cooking and preparation areas.

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Casual ambience can be achieved by making use of peripheral lights, particularly uplighters that illuminate the ceiling. This provides enough indirect lighting without causing glare. When it’s time to relax, you want adequate visibility without too much energy and focus being created, so uplighters in corners are ideal for this atmosphere.

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