Top 10 best Hollywood actors body, motivate for men

Whether due to the demands of the script or my own will, more and more Hollywood actors are wearing a muscular body. The evolution of physical training and dietetics has allowed building Herculean bodies more typical of Greek gods than human mortals. Here we present the 10 most burly Hollywood actors body, as well as revealing some of their tricks to achieve a film body.

Hollywood actors body

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is the actor who plays the role of Superman in “Superman: the man of steel”, the last adaptation of the comic to the cinema directed by Zack Snyder. To put on the red cape and the red shorts Cavill trained four days a week, leaving Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to rest. This superhero began the week training the upper body (chest and back) with strength exercises (maximum load and few repetitions, maximum 6). On the lower train Tuesday; Wednesday break; Thursday chest and back with hypertrophy exercises (less weight and up to 12 repetitions) to end Friday with arms and shoulders.

Harrington Kit, Hollywood actors body

Kit Harrington is the actor who gives life to John Snow in the series Game of Thrones, for which he had to gain considerable volume. The thing got more complicated when he was offered the lead role in Pompeii, a film in which he had to appear with a vigorous gladiator’s body. The problem is that Kit is one of those people who have a fast metabolism, so gaining volume was complicated. Nothing that could not solve 5,000 kcal daily in forms of pasta, rice, potatoes, and chicken mainly. Five weeks and a lot of exercises later, Harrington was ready to jump into the sand.


Chris Evans

Chris Evans was the actor chosen to put on the costume of a new and super-muscular Captain America, who in both the film and in real life undergoes a physical metamorphosis. Chris Evans has a more attractive body.  Hollywood actors body. Unlike in the film, in which Steve Rogers (Captain America) is injected with a miraculous serum to double the size of his body, in reality, to gain 13 kilos of muscle mass, Evans spent a three-month ordeal “Brutal” gym sessions, even going to vomit during the exercise, according to the actor confessed.


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is a wolf cub, that hypertrophied mutant with the ability to regenerate tissues and organs at a rapid rate. To play this role, Jackman was placed in the hands of personal trainer David Kingsbury, who turned a 44-year-old man into a real beast. To be more exact, Kingsbury was in charge of returning to Jackman all the physical splendor that he had to lose for the movie of ‘Les Miserables’. The challenge was complicated, since for the last of X-Men, ‘X-Men: Days of the future past’ was wanted to show a wolf cub more muscular than even in the previous films of the saga. As explained by Kingsbury, the objective was achieved by combining series of exercises with a lot of weight, slow movements and few repetitions (1-5), with series with less weight, and a greater number of repetitions (8-12).


Mark Wahlberg

At the beginning of the post, I commented that there are actors who are muscled by the demands of the script and others who do them of their own volition because in the case of Mark Wahlberg it is clearly by choice. Wahlberg, since his adolescence had a very worked body, which allowed him to even act as a model of underwear for Calvin Klein. Marky Mark, as he was known in his time as a rapper, has always stood out for his arms, always bulky at the same time defined. In this sense, Wahlberg always starts training with medium weight and ten repetitions to add pounds and subtract repetitions.


Chris Hemsworth

Another superhero for the list. This time it is about Thor, god of thunder in Norse mythology, played by Chris Hemsworth. To obtain the strength that would allow him to lift the heavy hammer of Thor, Hemsworth resorted to the services of personal trainer Michael Knight, who divided the training into two phases: 1. Exercises with a lot of weight and few repetitions to gain volume 2. Functional circuits for losing excess fat and maintain muscles.


Jason Statham

Jason Statham or ‘Rob the handsome’ as he was called in the film ‘The Italian job’ began to tan his body in the water, and is that before being an actor, Statham was a springboard jumping, even becoming part of the National Team British. Outside of the pools, this large Englishman exercises with the routine ‘Big Five 55 Workout’, which consists of a circuit of five exercises that repeats ten times. The five exercises are front squat with a barbell, pull-ups, parallel bar push-ups with the feet in height, power cleans and knee lifts in suspension. As we have said, each series consists of these five exercises, however, the repetitions will progressively decrease. So we will start the training repeating ten times each exercise and finish it with a single execution,


The Rock

The actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock (rock) is undoubtedly one of the most exaggerated bodies in Hollywood, and that is that his roles in action films require it. One of his last films was ‘Hercules’, where he played this demigod of Greek mythology, son of the god Zeus and the mortal queen Alcmena. Although it seems that the figure of Johnson was ready to embody this hero of legend, The Rock has revealed that for each film follows a particular diet and training. In the case of Hercules, this former football player trained for six months at a rate of six days per week. Going into more detail, each training began at 4 in the morning with 50 minutes of cardio, before working the muscles of the day, with the legs being the “most punished” throughout the week. Each training lasted around 1h 40. In terms of diet, The Rock ate seven times a day and according to his words, he put purple to hard-boiled eggs, filet mignon, chicken, fish, oats, broccoli, asparagus, roasted potatoes, rice, pasta, and salad.


Tom Hardy

This skinny Englishman had to gain weight substantially for the movie Warrior, in which he plays a professional wrestler. Then came the role of Bane, the bad guy of “Batman, the dark knight”, for which he had to continue growing until he became a guy who was very afraid. Unlike many others, Hardy achieved his goal without touching a single weight, only exercising with the weight of his own body. In this sense, Hardy trained four times a day, but in short sessions.


Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender was one of the Spartans of the movie ‘300’, in which the entire cast of actors spent long periods with their naked torso and showing plenty of manhood. For this film, in particular, Fassbender came to train up to twelve hours a day, as in addition to the strength needed agility and endurance. To achieve this type of body, Fassbender designed functional circuits composed of push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, floor wipers (abdominals), deadlifts and kettlebell clean and press. And to recover, I ran two minutes on the tape. On the other hand, the weekend was devoted exclusively to cardio

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