Three Good Things to Keep Older People Healthy Over the Winter

The winter is particularly hard for older people and a lot of deaths in the winter months are in older people. The cold, as well as seasonal illnesses have a lot to do with this, but here are three top tips for elderly people to help keep well over the winter months…

Keep the house warm – It is particularly important for older people to have a warm environment – the temperature should be no lower than eighteen degrees, but ideally around twenty. Have a thermometer in the rooms of the house to make sure that the temperature is suitable and make sure that the boiler is in good working order before winter sets in. Make sure that you have it repaired by a registered professional such as this Boilers Gloucester based company.

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Eat well – A big part of being healthy is eating healthily. In the winter months in particular, hot meals are a great way to keep warm and nutritious stews and broths will give you plenty of vitamins. Hot drinks are also a good way to keep yourself warm throughout the day. If you struggle to prepare a daily hot meal, have a look into meal delivery services.

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Move About – Even if you are not very mobile, try to move hands and feet regularly. This is not only good for circulation but it will also help to keep your body warm. There are lots of tutorials of simple exercises that you can do whilst sitting down to stay healthy.

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