Things to do in retirement

If you are coming up to retirement or have recently stepped away from full time work, you might be looking for different activities to take up during your free time. This often leads to people thinking about hobbies that they would like to start up again or perhaps new activities that they would like to try and well as all the things that they weren’t able to do whilst they worked.

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Here are some ideas of things you can look into.

Start a new hobby – there are numerous hobbies available to you and depending on what you enjoy doing you are bound to find something to suit you. In some cases retirement is where people take up hobbies such as woodworking, where they would not have had the time or space to do so in the past. You could even have a Timber Framed Extension like the ones available from put in place to use as a workshop or sewing room.

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Travel – if you yearned to travel in the past but didn’t have the funds available to you or the free time then retirement is the perfect chance to get your travel books out and go and see the sights of the countries that you would most like to visit. Equally there may be places within your own country that you might like to visit. Don’t forget that if you have decided to take up walking, golfing or painting as a hobby you could combine this with your travel plans.

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