How to use olive oil for hair

How to use olive oil for hair growth

Today we will talk about how to use olive oil for hair, without any doubt one of the best homemade tips we can have for our health and beauty.

Hair is one of the keys that women have to conquer a man. There is no doubt that when a woman has well-groomed hair, she becomes the center of attention and of all eyes.

Regardless of whether you have straight hair or if you have it curly, keeping it well should be a priority for everyone to see you.

How to use olive oil for hair

There are plenty of home remedies to keep your hair well hydrated. In fact, this time we come to talk about olive oil that has endless properties that can help you restore your hair, in case you need it.

Olive oil is such an amazing product that not only serves you for hair but as a beauty treatment for many other parts of your body.

In fact, extra virgin olive oil can help you like a night mask to reduce wrinkles and dark circles, but of course, that is another matter, and that point we will touch on another occasion.

If you’re looking for a remedy for burned or dry hair, then read on.

How to use olive oil for hair

How and when to apply olive oil on the hair?

First of all, olive oil is known worldwide for its nutritional properties, low in cholesterol and Trans fat, so its consumption is very beneficial for our health. It is advisable to replace animal oil, or any type of oil, with olive oil to make the preparations and dressings of your food.

As all food should not be consumed in excess because everything in excess is also counterproductive. Ideally, take small portions to accompany your salads and to prevent your meals from sticking to the pan when you are going to cook them on the grill.

What we will agree on is that it has an incredible flavor.

In case you want to use it as a beauty treatment for your hair, then you have to know how to use olive oil for hair recommendations:

  • Olive oil to boost hair growth. With olive oil, you can make your hair look more abundant. It’s super simple; you should only apply olive oil from the root to the tips, strand by strand and put on a shower cap. Let it act for at least 1 hour, every two days and after a month you will begin to see the results.
  • To hydrate the hair. When you have dry hair, it is best to apply an olive oil mask. It is simple to do. Fill a third of a cup with olive oil and set it to heat in the microwave, not much, just a little so that it is somewhat warmer than at natural temperature. Clip it from the middle hair to the ends and comb with brush bristles thick bottom up. Do not apply it to the roots because if you have oily hair you will get worse; In that case, it is best to leave the hair with its natural fat from the root. Let it act for about 40 minutes, once a week and you will begin to see the results immediately.
  • To restore split ends. Evidently, in this case, the tips are the center of attention. They are exactly what we want to restore because they are damaged. In this case, the amount of olive oil that we are going to use is much less than what is used when we want to grow hair. The ideal thing is to moisten the palms of the hands with olive oil and rub the tips. If you have curly hair there is no problem because you can use it daily, and in addition to functioning as a treatment, it will eliminate frizz. If you have straight hair, then when washing the hair moisten your ends a bit and try not to mistreat it when you untangle it.

How to use olive oil for hair

Benefits of using olive oil for hair

Knowing how to use olive oil for hair can brings multiple benefits for your hair. Whatever the reason for which you are looking for a solution for your hair, the benefits that olive oil brings are innumerable.

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy are the following:

  • Olive oil offers a lot of benefits for hair
  • Your hair will grow faster
  • Olive oil will give your hair strength and abundance.
  • You will avoid the unjustified fall of your hair.
  • Olive oil will hydrate dry hair.
  • You will restore split ends.
  • You will eliminate the frizz
  • It will revitalize your scalp, which will allow the hair follicles to open and your hair to grow and grow healthier.
  • Much others.

How to use olive oil for hair

Olive oil for oily, dry and curly hair

When we have oily hair we cannot abuse olive oil, coconut oil, or any other oil because instead of controlling it we would be pushing it to become more fatty.

However, knowing how to use olive oil for hair with its fabulous properties, we cannot deny our hair the possibility of enjoying its benefits.

In the case that your hair is oily, you should apply it from the middle of the hair towards the tips, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. This is done in order to get hydrated, lose the frizz, and look very bright.

Other recommendation:

We also recommend that you start consuming vitamin E with your meals to revitalize your hair.

There are foods that contain high percentages of vitamin E.

If against your hair is dry, then you can put olive oil and let it act throughout the night, this will make you lose the dryness while it will regain its shine.

It is important to remember that in these cases the ideal thing is to wash it with warm water when we go to remove it and that it should not be applied more than twice a week so that it does not become oily. What you can be sure of if you use olive oil for your hair is that you will prevent hair loss significantly. Now you know how to use olive oil for hair growth.

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