Key design trends for bathrooms in 2020

With interior design more popular then ever, bathroom designers have upped their game for 2020. We want our bathrooms to be crisp, clean and luxurious. They are no longer the least important room in the house.

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Whether you intend a full bathroom refurbishment or just want to spruce things up, these are some of the crucial design trends for 2020.

Back to Black

Darker, bolder styles are very much in fashion this year, but this does not have to mean dreary, dull bathrooms. Keep the walls white but opt for black fixtures and fittings. Light fixtures, vanities, shelving, and even bathtubs can all be found in black.

Going for Gold

For a more opulent bathroom, brass and gold fixtures are still proving to be extremely popular. A gold-toned bathroom gives more warmth and adds a classic element to any bathroom. Gold-framed mirrors and gold luxe lighting add to the sumptuous feel a gold bathroom offers. Replace old window frames using companies such as Cheltenham double glazing to finish the modern, sleek style.

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Stand Alone

Bathing offers many health benefits, and freestanding tubs are seeing a surge in popularity. According to Forbes, freestanding tubs can reduce installation costs and can be installed anywhere in the room. They also look good. Imagine sitting next to windows fitted by Cheltenham double glazing gazing out at the view from your freestanding bath – it’s pure bliss!

Be Bold

Move away from the greys and put some colour in your bathroom. Pops of colour break up more neutral colours, and it means you don’t need to overhaul your entire bathroom. Colours can create certain moods. Blue can increase relaxation levels and provide a calming environment whereas, green brings in reminders of nature that helps add to your wellbeing. Adding a splash of colour to your bathroom won’t take a lot of effort, but it will rejuvenate it.

In Great Shape

Finally, new technology means tile patterns are more interesting and can liven up a bathroom. Vintage designs, as well as new patterns, can be used as floor tiling, backsplashes or on shower cubicle walls.

If you are deciding to refurbish your bathroom this year, you will have plenty of design features to select from. The question will be how bold you choose to go!

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