How to Improve Your Posture While Driving

Achy back. Stiff neck. Sore shoulders. Does this sound like you after your daily commute in your car? The vehicles we drive aren’t built to help our posture, forcing us to contort our bodies into unhealthy shapes.

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However, sometimes we don’t help ourselves and sit in poor driving postures that can lead to problems with our posture. In fact, a study has found that driving with poor posture can lead to an increased risk of serious injury.

What Can You Do?

Have Your Seat at the Right Height

Sit comfortably in your seat while making sure that your eye level is raised at least three inches above the steering wheel and you have enough room between your head and the roof.

Don’t Sit Too Close

While you can protect your vehicle from outside damage with reflective Chapter 8 chevrons, such as those from, how can you help avoid injuries in a crash? Sitting too close to the steering wheel can lead to increased injuries during a collision. So move your seat back while making sure you can comfortably reach the pedals and press them with your whole foot.

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Lean Back

Sitting ramrod straight is not great for your back. The angle of your seat should be more than 90 degrees. Having your seat positioned at 100 to 110 degrees will put the least pressure on your back. But slouching is bad as well. Leaning your seat too far back forces drivers to push their heads and necks forward – this can damage the muscles in your neck and shoulder.

Reposition Your Headrest

Set your headrest to rest between the top of your ears and the top of your head. The headrest should just touch the back of your head. This will help support your head and neck and reduce whiplash injuries in the event of a collision.

Use Lumbar Support

Some modern cars have adjustable lumbar support. If your vehicle has this feature, set it so you feel an even pressure from your hips to your shoulders. If not, garages sell lumbar pillows to support your back and help your posture.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Make sure your wing mirrors are properly adjusted so you can see the traffic around you without having to stretch your neck.


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