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We teach you how to control stress and nerves

The stress and nerves have always existed. It is something completely normal and common to suffer them in one way or another. This type of nervousness appears from adolescence when you are already more aware of how to control stress when you begin to suffer from stress almost every day.

Anyway, this does not have to occur in the whole world, although as we have said, it is very common. There are different levels, and nerves are not the same as stress or anxiety. Each one has its meaning and we have to be clear about exactly what it is.

In the first place, we must clarify that in childhood this type of symptoms usually does appear almost never. In adolescence is where they begin to give some episodes of nerves and even anxiety.

Finally, in youth and adulthood, it is more common to suffer from stress, as individuals are incorporated into working life, which is what most stress usually causes.

Know everything about how to control stress

What is everything about Anxiety, Stress and Nervousness? Here we clarify:

We will explain in a somewhat more detailed way what is each thing.

The nerves

First, let’s analyze the nerves.

The nerves are usually given to a situation that causes us insecurity, fear, uncertainty, discomfort…

For example, in adolescents, it is very common to suffer nerves before an exam or before an exhibition in front of the whole class.

Or when the teacher asks and you do not know the correct answer.

In addition, our bodies somatize the nerves in different ways.

The first thing that usually happens is that our heart accelerates and we notice a kind of tachycardia but the “good thing” of the nerves is that they only occur momentarily.

As soon as that situation ends or we feel more secure in it, the nerves will disappear.


Second, we have stress.

Stress is a state that many adults go through at some stage of their lives and need to know how to control stress.

It appears because of the lack of time (or because of the false belief that we lack time), because of the hustle and bustle of life in general. Because of the many accumulated tasks that we have to do, to hurry everywhere, etc…

In short, stress is also triggered as a result of a long series of situations.

But, what is the difference between stress and nerves?

The stress is continuous, while the nerves are transient as we discussed earlier.

It does not usually occur in a day or two. It usually occurs in a considerable period of time.

That is, an era likes two weeks or a month, approximately.

This is how many adults suffer from stress, leading a very busy and busy life, which is taken with haste, speed and anxiety, rather than with relaxation.

That is the crux of the matter since we can do many things without getting stressed.

The fact of having many chores does not directly involve stress, but we can also take it with philosophy.


And thirdly, we find the greatest of our enemies, but not for that reason invincible. The anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Actually, not everyone knows what the true meaning of anxiety is or how to take it.

Anxiety is a series of nervous episodes (as when we talked about nerves) that occur repeatedly, in a continuous and, often, for no apparent reason.

We must clarify that it is not the same to be nervous, to have anxiety.

When you are nervous you notice it. Note the palpitations of your heart and note those symptoms that are typical of each one when you get nervous.

However, when there is a certain level of anxiety, things change.

Anxiety can occur after having been holding something we do not like, something that worries us, without talking to anyone and assuming our false beliefs without consulting or contrasting them.

When the body and mind swallow and swallow, in the end there are typical symptoms of anxiety, such as tachycardia, tightness in the chest, sweating, tremors, dizziness…

 how to control stress

How to deal with anxiety

The ideal to combat anxiety is to start by guessing and see what is causing it.

In the most serious cases, it is not enough just to tell those closest to you, we need to get hold of some psychologist, such as Mind Psychologists.

It is completely advisable to go to the psychologist and take adequate therapy to cure anxiety.

This disease is very delicate and requires time and dedication to appease it and make it minimal until it disappears.

Many times people are reluctant to go to the psychologist.

They think that this is for people who are not right in their heads and simply refuse to go.

However, this is a colossal mistake, since going to an expert should not be seen in this way, but rather the opposite.

Going to the psychologist implies having great help from us and gradually resolving our problems until we finally solve them.

Without such help, it is very unlikely that we can overcome anxiety or any other psychological problem.

If we had it we only have to admit it and educated us on how to control stress. And go to a professional to help us in our therapy process.

Each body and each mind is a world, and each one somatizes its problems in a way.

For this same reason, there are some people more prone to suffer anxiety and others who will never have it. We must always be open to specialists to take charge of our progress and help us.


Anyway, we must also bear in mind that it is not the same to suffer an episode of anxiety (only once) than to suffer them repeatedly. It is in this last case when it is already considered as an anxiety problem.

Finally, we can only add that this type of disease or state of nervousness, stress and anxiety, we must know how to control stress. It is better if we reach out to the best experts and professionals in the area.

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