Embracing beauty trends in Hollywood

For a long time, Hollywood was all about perfection, but the trend is now changing. Photoshop corrections and heavy makeup are becoming less popular, and now celebrities and makeup artists are embracing the “less is more” imperfection trend.

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The trend embraces everything natural, and it shuns airbrushed, filtered beauty that is difficult to attain.  Something some celebrities are using a Vampire Facial PRP Cardiff company found at sites including https://cathedralfacialaesthetics.co.uk/non-surgical-facelift/vampire-facial-prp/ to take a little bit of their blood and let it absorb into their face as the plasma allows for a youthful look but by using your own body.
Embracing imperfections

This refreshing Hollywood beauty trend shows that there has been a shift in how women view their makeup and their physical appearance. Many women don’t like the way that they look when they wear heavy makeup, and it can be expensive and time-consuming to wear so much.

Perhaps this is why so many celebrities and makeup artists are embracing the new imperfection trend. Today’s glam makeup professionals are finding that most of their clients say no to heavy makeup, and instead want to be styled with natural hair and minimal makeup.

This isn’t to say that women will stop wearing makeup or paying for beauty treatments. For instance, many women feel more confident and happy after a facial treatment or a varicose vein treatment, and this trend embraces self-love and beauty.

If you’re wondering how to integrate the imperfection trend into your makeup routine, think about what makeup you like and what makeup you could do without. For instance, if you love your eyes and you think that mascara makes them look better, wear mascara but keep your lips makeup free.

Wearing less makeup comes with lots of benefits. According to The Huffington Post, makeup fills your pores with silicone, which can break down the pores and enlarge them, resulting in open pores that never close. If you want to improve the condition of your skin, you can embrace this trend and go foundation-free.

Celebrities following the trend

Some celebrities have embraced the imperfection trend for years, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek. In recent years, more celebrities have started to be interested in it, including Kylie Jenner, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Mila Kunis.

Many stylists and makeup artists believe that this trend makes celebrities more likeable and more easy to relate to. Everyone has flaws and imperfections, and learning to love them is better than trying to hide them.

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