Taking Care of the Lawn During a Heatwave

This summer has been a hot one, and many gardeners are finding that it is hard to care for their lawns in this very hot and dry weather. With hosepipe bans enforced around the country as reservoirs dry up, as well as the scorching sunshine and record high temperatures that we have been experiencing in the UK, this has left many gardeners’ once green and lush lawns looking a little brown and dry.

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For many gardeners, the lawn is something to take real pride in, but as this weather continues, it is becoming hard to get the lawn as healthy as possible. Here are some of the things that you can do during this warm and dry spell to help your lawn to be as healthy as possible…

Ensure your Lawn can Absorb the Water – As the ground becomes hard and dry during the hot weather, it is important to ensure that water that can get to it goes to where it is needed and doesn’t just run off the top or evaporate. Make holes in the ground so that the water can get into the ground deeper and into the roots of the grass.

Remove Weeds – Weeds will be competing with the grass for moisture from the ground, so make sure that during this time you pay special attention to weeding, as they could be taking nutrients away from the grass itself.

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Take Care of your Lawnmower – When the weather is very dry, it is not recommended to mow your lawn. If you have areas that have grown in patches you can trim them, to make the lawn more even, but this is a good time for lawnmower care and maintenance. Give your lawnmower a clean and get rid of any debris that is stuck to it, as well as replacing any parts that are damaged or old. You can get parts online such as mountfield parts from www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield

Water at Certain Times – Of course, if there is a hosepipe ban you won’t be able to water, but if there isn’t one where you live, you can continue to water your garden, but be smart about the times that you do it. It is best to do it very late at night or early in the morning as this gives the water the best chance of getting into the soil whilst it is cool and means that the water won’t just evaporate.

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