Make your event more sustainable

You should always consider your environmental impact when planning an outdoor event. You want to make sure that your environmental credentials meet the highest standards. Customers are more concerned about green issues now than ever. When planning an outdoor event there are many factors to consider, including entertainment, safety and toilet facilities.

Here are some tips to make your event more sustainable. This will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the organisation.

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Take into consideration your impact

It’s crucial to know your impact before you plan. Think about things like litter, disposable materials, power consumption, and transport. You can measure your impact by making a list of things and grouping them into categories. You can focus on a new area every year if your event is recurring.

Decide on the areas that are most important. By focusing on areas with the greatest impact, you will be able to make a more significant impact reduction. Why not concentrate on areas that can save you money like food waste and disposable materials? To find out more about Swindon recycling and waste management, visit

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Plan & Delegate

Prepare yourself for failure if you don’t prepare. This is a saying we’ve heard before. You won’t be able to achieve your goals without planning and establishing realistic goals. You will likely be disappointed by the results if you take on too much. Start small and achieve success to motivate yourself for future environmental reductions.

Remember that event organisers are busy people. You can delegate some of these tasks. You can delegate the task to someone you trust. They will be responsible for implementing your plans and monitoring more sustainable actions. Create achievable goals and realistic milestones. Use contractors to ensure they are working towards reasonable key performance measures.

Contractor involvement

By involving contractors early, they will be more prepared to assist you with your mission. Be sure to tell your contractors that they need to use recyclable materials or environmentally friendly products. For example, do not bring plastic cups with shattering edges into an area of beautiful nature.

Recycling Bins

A good supply of recycling bins is essential at any event today. Most people expect it and it also encourages attendees to recycle and shows that you care for the environment. Consider Swindon recycling and waste management for advice.  It is essential to have clear signage for the bins and their use. Signage should be at eye-level, with small enough openings to allow only specific items to be placed in the bin.

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