Why you should take learning outside the classroom

Many of us can fondly recall our school days, especially those field trips or rare instances when teachers let students take their books outside to learn in the sunny weather.

There are many good reasons to learn outdoors, for both teachers and students. Here are a few main reasons:

It’s Fun!

It can be boring to sit in a class and listen to the teacher all day. It is especially true during those rare spring or early summer days, when the classroom can become stuffy and hot and the sun beckons outside.

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It is a refreshing experience to leave the classroom and sit outside in the breeze. This is especially true if your school has a few fields to choose from. Fresh air can aid concentration levels, so teachers are more likely to have responsive pupils when they are refreshed and not stuck in a stuffy classroom.

Children, especially younger ones, love to run and burn off some energy. This is even better if it can be combined with maths, science or any other learning that can be achieved through outdoor activities.

Not every school has its own grounds that children can use. Custom-built buildings allow designers to incorporate outdoor spaces, such as ponds and playgrounds, which can directly be used to facilitate education. To find out more about Playgrounds Cheltenham, contact a site like https://www.greenfieldsltd.co.uk/services/playgrounds-and-parks

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It is more effective to learn facts by doing them yourself in a hands-on manner, for example, calculating the size of the playground, or catching and studying creatures in the school pond. According to the Children & Nature Network, learning outdoors can have a positive impact on teachers’ attitudes, as well as student behaviour and engagement. So, outdoor time is a no-brainer, right?


Students will find it more interesting to go out and observe the local environment, whether to study the effects of litter on the neighbourhood or to survey local shopping habits. Providing real world examples can significantly improve understanding of topics. It can be difficult for students to understand certain concepts in the classroom. But, if they are taken out into the “real world”, where they can explore and experience them themselves, the issues will become clearer.

It’s time to leave the classroom as the weather warms up and take that learning outside!

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