14 reasons for going gym to tone your entire body

Weight should not be the only reason to exercise. If you go to the gym to lose weight as the only reason, you may end up going from time to time with the passage of time and put that routine aside as soon as you begin to see results.

The personal motivation of each one should go beyond the mere loss of weight. Therefore, we will show you 14 reasons to go to the gym .

1. Exercise makes us feel good

Physical exercise is one of the ways to feel good about yourself. When practicing exercise endorphins are released that are responsible for us to feel good on a daily basis.

2. Sex improves

Feeling fit in the gym will make you feel better about yourself, which makes us feel more attractive and increase our sexual desire.

A resistance training also increases testosterone levels which makes both men and women, increase energy, improve mood and make us feel better what influences when feeling more sexual desire.

3. Physical exercise reduces post-menstrual symptoms

Exercise despite improving the bad mood, also fights the menstrual and depressive pains associated with this stage as well as the post-menstrual phase of all women.

4. Exercise improves cognitive and memory functions

According to several studies, it has been shown that children who are in good physical shape obtain better educational results. It is not yet clear if this is a direct cause in his student performance, but it is intuited that the fact of walking is positive for the reasoning, for the memory, the attention towards what surrounds us and in the acquisition of information. Not only must you keep your muscles in shape but also your neurons.

5. Physical exercise is a natural antidepressant

Walking for at least half an hour a day can help you combat the feeling of depression that sometimes affects us all. Many studies support the idea that exercise should be part of any treatment for these problems.

6. Self-confidence thanks to exercise

When you exercise you feel better both physically and mentally what makes your body generate endorphin throughout the day. Exercising makes us feel more powerful, that we have more self-confidence and that we are more sure of ourselves in any situation.

7. Regular exercise gives us more energy

Although at the beginning of starting to go to the gym we feel that we are entering a circle of exhaustion, https://www.therapyheals.ca/valium-10mg/ with the passage of time this sensation will change. Then, on the contrary, you will feel a kind of injection of energy that will allow you to face work and daily life with less fatigue.

8. Exercise will make you sleep better

We sleep better always after having the body very tired and our heart rhythms are maintained at a better level. It is best to plan the visit to the gym during the day and not just before going to sleep.

9. Exercise decreases stress

One of the best ways to combat stress is to exercise periodically. This will eliminate the toxins that cause stress and help you relax and think about things more clearly.

10. Exercising gives us more creativity

Many studies have also shown that creative thinking emerges more easily when a person is walking or exercising, whether outdoors, at home or in the gym. You can take your mobile phone and note down the ideas that come to you while you exercise.

11. Improves heart problems

Almost 9 million people die every year in the world due to heart problems and according to experts, physical exercise is essential to reduce these coronary risks, which in turn reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack.

12. You’ll look much younger

Eternal youth does not reside in any magic pill but in physical exercise. By exercising the body, we inject more health by increasing energy and feeling much better in general. All this is reflected in the physical aspect. Even so we can not stop the time but we can slow it down thanks to the exercise.

13. Strengthen your muscles and bones

The bone and muscle mass reaches its maximum splendor at 30 years but from the 40 begins its decline. An adequate and healthy diet, and exercise can fight against it. The exercises of resistance and lifting of weights several times a week, help to continue maintaining this mass. This will also help women to have less risk of osteoporosis.

14. And in general … you will feel much happier!

All the benefits of exercising and that we have shown you in this publication, are many of the reasons that will increase your daily happiness: more energy, confidence, better sex, etc.

In any case, a lot of reasons to get out of bed with energy and move the body once and for all.

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