10 recommendations to stay healthy

10 keys to take into account to achieve healthy years in the new millennium, courteously detailed for the magazine ES on the occasion of the celebration of its X anniversary, so it is worth the redundancy, there go the ten tips of “anti-aging or anti-aging medicine” -aging & aesthetic medicine “, to live longer and with better quality of life, to add life to the years and not just years to our life.

A healthy diet Hypocaloric diet:

 more life by reducing oxidative stress

Why eat less can prolong life expectancy? A study in overweight people has clarified some mechanisms by which the reduction of intake slows aging.

The ideal diet to delay cell aging is recorded in studies that show that a large release of insulin helps cells age. In this sense, the “DIET OF THE AREA” or the Anglo-Saxon term has been developed if you prefer: “THE ZONE DIET”, based on food teaching related to the intake of carbohydrates that do not stimulate a large production of insulin, the best time to eat or not some food, thus delaying along with other measures, the cellular oxidative process resulting from the metabolism of what we ingest.

The practice of physical exercise

Especially an aerobic exercise, which allows talking while practicing, muscle contractions that stimulate the production of growth hormones that after all, currently, according to the latest studies related to anti-aging medicine, is the queen of cellular youth. Something very important that we almost never meet: What to do after practicing this exercise? After producing growth hormone by muscle contractures, certain oxidizing activities should be avoided, such as discussing daily problems, labor, family or any other kind of struggle. This is why experts agree that the antioxidant exercise par excellence is “Making love and not war”; since, after that task,

Stress management

It is one of the great plagues of the century. Stress is one of the factors that most favor cell oxidation. It is demonstrated that an active spiritual life accompanies the most long-lived people. There are many techniques for stress control that we must ask our specialist to use the most appropriate for each one. Some examples are feedback, pilates, yoga, walking, etc.

Food supplements

Today we go to the supermarket and we meet the colloquially called: “alicamentos”, which are nothing more than foods that have added one or other substances that we often do not know. It is therefore important to consult with the expert in “anti-aging” what are the food supplements necessary for you. Today we can make a blood study that shows us the degree of oxidative stress in which our body is located at the cellular level, with the intention of not taking supplements to the eye percent, but we can customize the need for them in each patient. In addition to these parameters, you can also study tumor markers, determine the genetic predisposition that you have against any disease; and finally, to be able to make possible the prevention of some diseases typical of old age,

Hormone supplements

We have previously commented on the importance of growth hormone in the aging process, that is, that we produce it in an abundant quantity until the age of 25, which is why we do not deteriorate until then. From 25 to 35 years there is a decline in the production of this hormone that influences a lower cellular antioxidant regeneration that progressively deteriorates us inside.

The cells deteriorate thousands of times a day and this hormone repairs this damage, but in addition, the body has learned to use other substances obtained from the diet to help cell regeneration and avoid, that the aging process is vertiginous to despite a much smaller production of growth hormone.

These substances called cellular antioxidants (vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals etc …) we have managed to isolate and know so that http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/cialis/ they are used by our body as a rejuvenating mechanism. In this way antioxidant food supplements can be obtained that complement our deficient diet, thus contributing to be part of the list of means we use to delay the cell aging process.

As in menopause, the woman notes the lack of hormonal balance with signs as obvious as lack of memory, mood, libido, skin quality etc. The man in the well-known andropause, also has some manifest signs of the lack of hormones that affect equally to his memory and how not, also the libido, mental agility etc.

Cognitive training

Everything that is not used tends to spoil, so we must acquire exercises for memory, mental agility. Today we have at our disposal technological equipment aimed at fulfilling this purpose. It is not foolish to look for a toy that is offered today for these purposes in the market, which trains us the brain to keep it in shape. If it is not always better to get carried away by the experts and go to a “brain gym”.

The tobacco

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult vices to eradicate. Fortunately, modern societies have eliminated it from the environment in which we all move, which has greatly favored a considerable reduction in the number of active and passive smokers. Smoking reduces the contribution of oxygen to tissues fed by small capillaries by approximately 40%. It is one of the most powerful cellular oxidants there is. Removing him from his life is the most intelligent decision he will make in this new century.

The alcohol

This legal drug that has destroyed so many families, you can not devote any flattering words.

Since it has become the icon of sharing with friends, family or work meetings, we should limit it to this and not abuse. That said, let’s talk about wine, whose tannins are a potent antioxidant, so if we are to take the social drink, we should take into account what we choose to drink. If we take into account that it is a usual practice to feed the fuel tank of the car choosing the fuel to use, an elementary question arises: Do we also do it with our precious body where we live until the Lord sends us to look? A glass of red wine at meals reduces mortality, delays aging and prevents the fat we consume from clogging the arteries

Cardiovascular Risks

Controlling cardiovascular risk factors should be the basis for reaching senior citizens in good shape. The cardiologist or the internist are not specialists to visit only when we are sick, remember that the cardiovascular system is the most advantaged in health, when talking about prevention.

But at this stage, neither the physical aspect nor the mental health should be neglected, for this the point number ten arises

Medicine and / or cosmetic surgery

The physical aspect is something to take into account when raising self-esteem when the vital chronological evolution and how we see ourselves in the mirror are not aligned. Here we do not try to argue with those who do not agree with improving the physical aspect; we only try to respect those who do value it in an important way and therefore deserve to be served by professionals who have dedicated their lives to give it the just importance they have, studying and keeping us at the forefront to offer them the most advanced medicine and cosmetic surgery for every moment of life.

It’s not just the operating room anymore. The plastic surgeon has many tools to improve the appearance of people without undergoing surgery, not for that reason, let’s dramatize when this is necessary, since the new concepts of the specialty are obsessively focused on implanting a type of surgery cataloged as minimally invasive with maximum results.

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