10 foods forbidden for diabetics

Controlling diet is essential for people with diabetes. Let’s see several foods to avoid.Diabetes is a disease that can occur in both children and adults , making sugars are not properly processed in the body.

This not only generates potentially very harmful health problems; In addition, it affects many people. That is why it is important that people with diabetes take care of their diet.

In this article we will know some of the foods forbidden for diabetics , which can cause the disease to generate a crisis in the levels of sugar used by the body.

Prohibited foods for diabetics that can harm your health

Diabetes has a detrimental effect on health throughout the human body, preventing blood glucose levels from being adequately controlled by the body.

The diet of people with diabetes should be very strict, taking into account that the risk of not following the treatment adequately, including the diet, could have serious consequences for the person’s life.

Below we will see a list of foods forbidden for diabetics, or at least should not be consumed frequently by people who have this medical condition.

1. Sweets with a high sugar content

The risk of consuming this type of sweets includes not only the high glucose content, but also can lead to an increase in bad fats in the body. Being overweight is especially dangerous for people with diabetes .


2. Ethyl alcohol

Alcoholic beverages result, among other things, in the fact that the liver stops producing glucose . Circumstance that is serious for the diabetic, being able to cause a hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level).

The consequences range from tremors and excessive sweating, to sudden dizziness.

3. Some types of fruit

Although fruits can represent an ideal substitute for sweets, there are some exceptions which represent a risk to the health of the subject. These exceptions include all those fruits that contain a high percentage of sugar . Let’s see some examples.

  • Pineapple.
  • FIG.
  • The plum.
  • Fruits of syrup.

In general terms, fruits that are very ripe are not recommended for diabetics, since their sugar level increases.

4. Refined flour

The foods that contain this type of flours have as characteristic that they possess a high percentage of carbohydrates , which cause an increase of the blood glucose level in people, something evidently harmful for the diabetic.

Some of these foods are the following:

  • The industrial buns.
  • Pizza.
  • The cakes.
  • The croissants
  • The white bread.
  • The donuts.

5. Foods with high fat content

These foods represent a risk factor in terms of weight gain in an exaggerated way, depending on the metabolism of the person this risk will be higher or lower .

As we have seen previously, obesity is particularly dangerous for people with diabetes. Therefore, fatty foods should also be avoided; Some of these are the following:

  • French fries (homemade or artificial).
  • The artificial snacks .
  • The meats with fries.
  • The empanadas.
  • Popcorn with butter .

In general terms, fried foods, or meats with a high fat content, represent this risk for the diabetic.

6. Sugary drinks

For people with diabetes, it is not advisable to consume beverages that contain a high percentage of sugars, due to the imbalance caused by the glucose level.

Avoid excessive consumption of soft drinks, sweet juices , and in general any sweetened drink.

7. Artificial sauces

Artificially processed sauces usually contain chemical sweeteners that are particularly detrimental in the case of diabetes.

Some others are processed with honey or some other ingredient with high levels of sugars in its composition, which is equally dangerous for the subject.

8. The salts

Salty foods can also pose a risk to the diabetic. Ideally, eat the lightest possible salt, or even avoid salting some foods that already contain natural salts in their composition.

9. Whole dairy products

This kind of dairy contains a high level of fats and sugars that are naturally harmful to the body of the diabetic subject. For example, butter, custard, cream …

The ideal would be to opt for low-fat dairy , or light alternatives that exist in the market (taking care not to add chemicals to change their consistency and taste).

10. Commercial coffee

Coffee is not particularly dangerous for people with diabetes, as long as it is a coffee prepared at home, sweetened with an alternative such as stevia.

On the other hand, commercial coffees, prepared in machines, contain approximately up to 500 calories .

Final considerations

People with diabetes can have a full life, in addition to enjoying meals with pleasure, as long as they comply with their diet and stay in control with the endocrinologist on a regular basis.

Currently there are quite good treatment alternatives that can give the diabetic a greater comfort in terms of their treatment, such as insulin pumps, for example. Therefore, taking care of your health is fundamentally a matter of habits , and among them you can not miss those that have to do with being careful with what you eat.

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