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10 easy yoga positions to de-stress after a bad day

You have a lot of back (or boots, as you want) and you go home. You have prepared the dinner, all tidy, and there, there, it would be FINALLY to relax you. How to do when you are at the end of the roll, the nerves in a ball, the contracted back, the loaded legs? Try these easy yoga positions, ultra relaxing, perfect for letting go easily. You do not even need to be a pro!

The easy yoga positions to de-stress after a bad day

Start by breathing welleasy yoga positions

This is the key to relaxation and a foundation of yoga.

Put yourself in lotus, or padmasana (if you are flexible enough, by putting your feet on your thighs but if it asks you too much effort, rest feet just crossed in front, back to your pubis), put the top of your wrists on your knees so that your arms are as relaxed as possible and closes your eyes (important for better focus).

Breathe. Inhale Exhale.

And now try to feel your breath go in the back of your throat, and if it helps you, you can even make a grunt-like sound when it exhales. Make it several times, calm, concentrating well.

This exercise is great for restoring nervousness before going to bed.

Stretch your legseasy yoga positions

Sit down, legs outstretched (open if it’s too demanding) in front of you.

Once your bust is well positioned, the column stretched up and well acnrée in the ground seeks the comfortable gap, the yoga is not at all a bar course on the ground, it is not therefore to make a big facial gap but just to spread your legs.

And again, breathe. By inhaling, you will try to lengthen your spine (close your eyes if you want to focus better), and on exhalation, you lean a little forward, laying your hands in front of you. Do not try to bend the bust if you find it hard. And you can put a little cushion under your buttocks if it makes your job easier.

Gradually you succeed in the posture of Kurmasana.

Benefits: stretching of the legs, bust, relaxation of the lumbar.

Find the balanceeasy yoga positions

After work, to focus on you, make the position of the tree or vrikasana.

Standing, parallel feet, raise your arms over your head (shoulders down, do not contract) while inhaling, and join the palms of the hands. Place the sole of one foot against the opposite leg; against the thigh if you hold well, or against your malleolus, if you feel that it is hard. You can join your hands in front of you if you prefer. It is one of the easy yoga positions to de-stress after a bad day.

Tip for balance: fix a point in front of you, sheath your belly.

Benefits: this posture by forcing you to focus on your balance, promotes concentration, proprioception (balance thanks to your foot), the strength of the legs and ankles.

The more complete postureeasy yoga positions

Here is the famous posture of the dog upside down or Adho Mukha Svanasana.

After finding balance with the previous posture, squat down, parallel feet apart at the width of the pelvis, and put your hands in front of you. Your body will form a V with outstretched legs and outstretched arms. It is the strength of your arms that will push the buttocks back and up, with the spine as aligned as possible. Tuck your neck. Get in your belly.

If you can not stretch your legs well, at first you can swing from one foot to the other.

Benefits: stretching of the back and legs, relaxation of the diaphragm, irrigation of the brain.

Good for the lower backeasy yoga positions

The position of the cobra, or bhujangasana, is a posture also used by the McKenzie method, a method to treat back pain in physiotherapy. It is one of the easy yoga positions to de-stress after a bad day.

Lie on your stomach, put your palms under your shoulders, and, inhaling, push on your hands to raise the bust, without lifting the pelvis. You can also put your head back to make the column more supple. Breathe by holding the position and go down.

Benefits: Strengthens and relaxes the back, firming the glutes and stretching the legs.

For once, you can do the child!easy yoga positions

Because it’s the name of a posture or balasana, which does the greatest good on the back.

Sit on your knees, your buttocks resting on your heels, and bend so as to make your forehead touch the ground in the extension of the column (not like the picture!). Inhale and exhale slowly, arms around your body, palms up.

Benefits: unrolling the back, total relaxation, introspection.

The variant of the childeasy yoga positions

After a few breaths in full awareness of the previous posture, extend your arms in front of you, palms flat on the floor. You can spread little thighs. Stretch your back as much as you can without taking off your buttocks.

Benefit: we will look far with the hands to really stretch the column. It’s a good thing.

Feet on the walleasy yoga positions

This pose from the feet to the wall (viparita Karani) is an inverted posture, that yoga loves because it does not involve any difficulty. It is one of the easy yoga positions.

Put yourself on the floor, curled up to one side, the pelvis touching the base of a wall as close as possible, and pull your legs straight up against the wall. Spread your arms, palms to the ground for better letting go.

Benefits: we relaunch the blood circulation, we lighten our legs (if they flicker because it seems hard to hold, slightly bend one leg after another), we work the opening of the basin and rest the column.

Half-twisteasy yoga positions

Now that you have warmed up your body a little, you can test this posture that you should not do cold.

It is often used after a good fitness session, as it is good.

Sit on your buttocks, knees bent. Lay a folded leg flat, while you put the opposite foot on the other side of the knee bent to the ground. Your legs are crossed so, with one knee raised, one knee posed.

Catch the knee up the hollow of the opposite elbow and open the bust to the maximum by going to put the other hand behind. Hold the posture for 30 seconds by inhaling and exhaling very deeply.

Benefits: By promoting flexibility from the back, you also stretch your glutes, your neck, and your hips. The hips which are often, according to the yoga, the place of a lot of restraint, of unspoken …

And here you are dead!easy yoga positions

And this posture closes your relaxing little parenthesis. Although its name, the posture of the corpse (savasana) may seem a little extreme, its simplicity makes it unavoidable.

Lie on your back, legs slightly apart, bars too, slightly away from the hips, palms facing the sky. Head straight.

And take a deep breath, exhale, and be aware of the path of the air, until you feel that your breathing is slow. You have found calm.

Benefits: The rebalancing of the energies of the body and especially a state of extreme relaxation. You can also practice it in your bed when you feel that you are too upset.

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