Three Historic Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is a country steeped in legend and history – in places like Dublin you will find the modern bustling city, whereas in places like Connemara you will discover local traditions and a rural lifestyle that goes back generations. Much of Ireland is in between – for example, head to Tullamore, in the centre of the country where the wilderness and historical places meet the modern facilities like Vodafone Tullamore store, King communications.

If you want to explore this fascinating country and its history, but are struggling to know where to start, here are just a few suggestions for you…

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The Giants Causeway – Lets start with the most famous of them all, this ancient geological landmark. It is a fantastic place to visit on the Northern coastline, and there are many trails to enjoy as you approach the causeway. The unique rock formations were created millions of years ago by a flow of lava but are steeped in legend and are a popular tourist attraction to this day.

Carrowmore Cemetery – This is an ancient burial site, where tombs that are date back to around 4000 BC have been found. To put that into context, they are around the same age as the ancient Egyptian pyramids! You can see the monuments and visit the museum to learn more about them.

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Blarney Castle – The famous home of the Blarney stone – it is said that anyone who kisses it is given the gift of eloquent speech. The castle itself is also a fantastic place to visit and being built in 1446 has seen a lot of goings on!

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