The skills needed to be a care assistant.

What are the skills needed to be a care assistant.  It might seem like an easy job on the face of it but you should remember that you are going to be working with people that are aging and vulnerable. This means that you need a certain set of skills that are specific for the role. Support Worker Jobs Gloucester are always needing to be filled. Check out to see what is available. Here’s what skills you need to have.

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  1. Empathy. Not to be confused with Sympathy, which is a very different thing. Empathy is about understanding and whilst you may not be going through what the person you are supporting is experiencing, empathy is about taking the time to be there for them. This is done unconditionally.
  2. A good sense of humour. Taking the time to laugh is one of the best qualities anyone can have. It gives you, and others around you enjoyment and sense of well being that can come through the simple action of laughing and making others’ lives better.

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  1. Positive mental attitude. The Support/Care worker must have a positive attitude and demeanor when with their charge. If you are miserable it will reflect on the person that you are caring for. The last thing that you want to give over is that you’d rather not be there.
  2. Listening with curiosity. The person you are caring for was young once and will have seen a lot in life. They have a lot to pass on and it would be a tragedy to miss it. Ask questions and see if you can gain some personal growth just as they have.

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