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Seven foods that help control hypothyroidism

The Hypothyroidism is a dysfunction of the thyroid gland that causes primarily a decrease in metabolic rate, ie, a reduction in our basal metabolism that can lead to weight gain, the constant feeling of fatigue, constipation, amenorrhea and other symptoms. We share foods that help control hypothyroidism.

The indicated treatment is always the intake of thyroid hormones that compensate for their absence or reduction in the body, but a good diet can always be of great help. Therefore, we show you the seven foods that help control hypothyroidism.

Foods rich in iodine

The poor intake of iodine can cause hypothyroidism, as well as its excess, can affect negatively the thyroid gland.

A study published in the journal BMJ observed that after iodine supplementation levels of thyroid hormones were restored, hence the importance of including this element in diets for the control of hypothyroidism.

The foods that help control hypothyroidism

Seafoodcontrol hypothyroidism

All seafood, in general, is a source of iodine for our body, but it highlights the presence of this element in some in particular as mussels, lobster, clams or lobster.

These are foods that also offer many proteins that hinder the body’s digestion and therefore require greater metabolic work, being therefore helpful in people with hypothyroidism.

We can include seafood in soups, some noodles, a paella, a sauce for pasta, or other recipes.

Iodized saltcontrol hypothyroidism

Changing the use of common table salt for iodized salt is a good option when we have hypothyroidism because unwittingly we will be adding an appreciable amount of this element to the diet.

Of course, this salt and marine salts also provide sodium, so we should not exceed their consumption.

We will use it to replace common salt to flavor our dishes.

Algaecontrol hypothyroidism

All algae, being of marine origin, are a source of iodine for our body. However, the dried seaweed are the ones with the highest proportion of this element, as well as kelp or agar.

We can use seaweed in various dishes such as a smoothie, a soup, some pancakes or a salad.

Seaweed can also offer vegetable proteins and other good nutrients that benefit health and therefore, help reduce the severity of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Dairy productscontrol hypothyroidism

The milk and all derivatives of this as yogurt, cheese or fermented milk products are good sources of iodine in our diet.

They also provide calcium, vitamin D and proteins that stimulate metabolism and help prevent complications of hypothyroidism.

We can use dairy products in various dishes always recommending the leanest options. And with good proteins without added sugar such as plain yogurt without sugar, fresh cheese. Or others that we can include in a dessert, in a sauce, a salad or an ice cream.

Foods that raise the metabolism and others

Since hypothyroidism is characterized by a reduction in metabolism and hence its symptoms and their consequences are released. The foods that raise metabolism and other sources of quality nutrients are also useful, for example:

Fruits and vegetablescontrol hypothyroidism

They are rich in fiber and high in water content, can satiate us with few calories helping to counteract the weight gain that characterizes hypothyroidism.

But in addition, a vegan diet has been linked to a large number of fruits. And vegetables at a lower incidence of this disease, which is why its consumption is always advisable.

We must guarantee the intake of five daily rations with various dishes such as salads, cakes, stews and more.

Green Teacontrol hypothyroidism

The green tea possesses a powerful polyphenol called catechin epilator that is effective in reversing the oxidative stress in the body, increase metabolism and health benefit in different ways.

It is even useful to prevent weight gain and even to lose weight with the help of a balanced diet.

Therefore, its intake as an infusion in quantities of three to four cups a day is advisable. As well as, we can include it in some preparations such as, for example, a shake or a sponge cake.

Herbs and spicescontrol hypothyroidism

All condiments, in general, are useful for adding good nutrients to the body. And the vast majority of them contribute to raising the metabolism.

But some spices in particular like curry, pepper, hot peppers or cinnamon are very useful to prevent or reverse the weight gain that often causes hypothyroidism.

We can include them in sweet and salty dishes to give flavor, aroma, and color to them.

These are seven foods that can help control hypothyroidism by eating healthy. And always accompanied by proper medication as well as other beneficial lifestyle habits.

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