The big kitchen colour trends for 2024

Kitchen colour trends evolve over the years, swinging between neutral tones, bold hues, and classic, clean colours. You may have a preferred colour or you may want to follow fashion this year, adapting your kitchen to suit current trends.
Big and bold colours are a must-have

Many fashion followers will be pleased to know that 2024 will see the end of traditional white kitchens. This year, big and bold is the trend with colour aplenty. You can easily adapt your current kitchen by using accent colours.

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Deep and moody hues are in vogue

Deep and moody colours, such as navy blue, forest green and charcoal grey, have gained popularity for kitchen cabinets and accent walls. These colours add a splash of sophistication and create a cosy space.

Earthy tones are always a winner

Inspired by nature, earthy hues such as warm browns, terracotta and muted greens are being used to bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to kitchen spaces.

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Matte finishes are a chic choice for the 2024 kitchen

Matte finishes for kitchen cabinets and appliances continue to be popular in the modern home. They create a cool and sophisticated look while reducing the appearance of fingerprints and smudges.

Neutral tones are always a winner

Timeless and versatile, neutral colours such as cream, beige and grey continue to be popular choices. These colours provide a clean and classic backdrop, allowing for flexibility in accent hues and accessories.

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Trends can change and it is always a good idea to read interior design and home improvement magazines.

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