How to define values and vision for your business

Begin with a clean slate

Begin with a clean slate and identify the key attributes that describe your company’s goals. Create a list of key questions for each element and ask the team to respond via a survey. These responses can shed light on existing issues or confirm them.


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Select a theme

A recurring theme may emerge from brainstorming sessions or survey results. This could provide a focus for developing and/or improving mission, vision, and values statements. The results of surveys are a great source of information, and they give a good idea about how employees perceive the company and its values. If the majority of employees give unsure or incorrect responses, this is a sign that communication is not working and gives leaders a chance to improve it with clear and consistent messages. For advice from a Brand Strategy Agency, visit Really Helpful Marketing

Define the mission

Define the statement of mission first, as it forms the foundation for the organisation’s vision and values. The mission statement should explain the purpose of your company and what it stands for, whether that is a product or service. It should also be passionate and humane. An inspiring mission not only helps employees rally around a common cause, but also connects the company with stakeholders and public needs.

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Create a vision

Create a vision statement that is both forward-looking, and communicates what your company hopes to achieve in order to fulfil its mission. Employees can better understand business decisions, and their impact on the organisation and its goals. When leaders communicate their vision to employees and they buy in, this helps create enthusiasm, alignment and direction within the organisation.

Identify core values

Identify five core values to support your mission and vision statement. The core values are the moral compass of an organisation. They guide and inform all business decisions, and they define employee behaviour expectations. While leaders are responsible for setting the tone of corporate values, employees have a lot to say because they represent the voice and pulse within the organisation. The employee survey can provide valuable insights into what employees value.

Reiterate and strengthen new statements

Present your new mission, values and vision statements to the company with a lot of fanfare during a special event or meeting. The statements should be made available to employees in both electronic and printed form. They can then be posted in common areas and workspaces as a constant reminder, ensuring that everyone is working in the same direction. Statements should be a priority in all company/group meetings and decision-making, as well as climate surveys, goal setting, and reward programmes.

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