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Your living room is the heart of your home, you probably spend more time there than anywhere else, so it’s important that it always looks as warm, inviting and beautifully designed as you can make it. Your living room might be where you come home to at the end of a long day, or even where you entertain your guests, so it should be relaxing and impressive. When choosing living room furniture, we recommend picking a design theme first, and making a floor plan of your room so you have an idea of how everything will fit in.

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Design comes before layout, so gather some inspirations and read some home magazines and blogs to get inspired. You might pick a country cottage theme, which will mean you’ll be looking for some cosy, floral sofas, and lots of natural wood furniture. Oak tables are sturdy, strong and long lasting, and will look very pretty in a cottage style room. You might also want to invest in a bespoke made armchair, choose the upholstery fabric yourself and you will have an instant family heirloom. In a country style living room you will want to compliment your furniture with a heritage stay, traditional wallpaper or paint, and you might also want to accessorise the room with fresh flowers, candles, paintings, and even a footstool so you can recline in comfort!

Another trend we recommend for your living room is Rococo. This style is often epitomised by the glamorous, pastel interiors of French palaces. Think Marie Antoinette, and you’re along the right lines. To achieve this style we recommend using decadent, luxurious fabric furniture such as velvet and silk sofas. Choose a pastel or neon colour for upholstery, and even try mixing different tones of the same colour; you might have a fuchsia velvet sofa, with a pastel pink footstool for example! Glass tables work well with the rococo style; opt for either clear glass or even mirrored glass as this will reflect light around the room. Paint any other furniture such as your bookcase, fireplace surround or side tables in bright acrylic powder blue or lilac.

The final living room furniture trend we recommend is traditional English; this involves getting your hands on a leather Chesterfield sofa. These sofas evoke images of lords dressed in tweed, but it won’t look old fashioned in your living room if you make sure your room is very light. You can achieve this by having shined, bare wooden floors; we also recommend contrasting your wall’s paint with a bright white border near the ceiling. You might also consider a Chaise Lounge in this style of room; it’s the perfect furniture for relaxing with a good book.

Remember you need to consider your room size too – when you have chosen your furniture, plot out its size using some graph paper, and lay it out on a scale floor plan of your room. Experiment with a few different layouts before you commit to anything, and remember that even if a piece of furniture’s dimensions are small, it could still dominate your living room if it is too eye-catching. The only real way to find the best design for you is to experiment.

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