natural cures for sore throat

10 natural cures for sore throat

A sore throat is a symptom rather than a disease. Of low intensity and present for a short time, it can be cured with various natural remedies. Here are some natural cures for sore throat.

10 natural cures for sore throat

Honeynatural cures for sore throat

Honey is an antiseptic and a natural antibacterial.

He fights both a sore throat and cough by  “lining” the walls of the throat.

Thyme, eucalyptus, and lavender honey are particularly recommended because they have emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon juicenatural cures for sore throat

Lemon has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pressed in the form of juice, it disinfects the walls of the throat, thus reducing the localized pains. It is a natural cures for sore throat.

For people who have trouble drinking pure or sensitive stomach, it is advisable to dilute in warm water with added honey or a little sugar.

Thymenatural cures for sore throat

Thyme possesses antiseptic, antibiotic and antibacterial virtues thanks to its richness in phenols.

To soothe irritation and sore throat, it can be consumed as an infusion, at a rate of 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water, or as a syrup available in pharmacies.

Black radishnatural cures for sore throat

Black radish has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, thanks to the quantities of isothiocyanates and glucosinolates it contains. It the natural cures for sore throat.

It is taken in the form of syrup to fight against a sore throat. To do it yourself, just let some slices of black radish macerate in a dish sprinkled with sugar and recover the juice that will be administered as a syrup, 1 teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day.

Echinaceanatural cures for sore throat

Echinacea strengthens the immune system and reduces a sore throat.

It has complex polysaccharides that act directly on immunity.

Echinacea should not be taken more than 3 weeks in a row. In addition, it is contraindicated for people suffering from an autoimmune disease, progressive diseases and people allergic to plants of the family Asteraceae.

The air humidifiernatural cures for sore throat

Too dry air promotes a sore throat: the walls are not sufficiently moistened to dry and become irritated.

The hygrometry (= moisture content) of a room must be between 45 and 60%.

If this is not the case, it is advisable to purchase a humidifier. Some essential oils may be added to reduce a sore throat.

Marshmallow rootnatural cures for sore throat

Marshmallow root contains mucilage that will help cover the throat walls, relieving pain and healing.

It is consumed mainly in the form of herbal teas or mother tincture of fresh roots bought in pharmacy or herbalism.

The white horehoundnatural cures for sore throat

The white horehound is a herbaceous plant, with the smell of thyme. In herbal medicine, flower heads are used.

It fluidifies bronchial secretions and is anti-infectious.

It is consumed mainly in the form of an infusion at a rate of 1.5 g of flowering aerial tops dried in 200 ml of boiling water for a few minutes.

White broth

White broth possesses expectorant virtues.

It limits the formation of phlegm and promotes their elimination. It is thus recommended in diseases of the ENT sphere such as laryngitis, pharyngitis or tracheitis.

Consumed in the form of herbal teas, it is also part of the herbal tea of four flowers, with mallow, marshmallow, and poppy.

Rosemarynatural cures for sore throat

Rosemary has antiseptic effects acting locally in the throat when consumed as an infusion.

To make her own rosemary tea, simply infuse 1 tsp of rosemary in 150 ml of water a few minutes and then drink 3 cups a day.

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