Kratom Effects Features and Benefits

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Kratom is a tropical tree native psychoactive property with Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Bali or Borneo, warm and humid climates. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa and its main active alkaloid mitragynine. It has been widely used for centuries for its medicinal and recreational properties, and today is still used for the same purpose. To learn more about kratom visit kratom legend

Traditionally use in Asia has spread incredibly quickly by the West. Kratom leaf chewed fresh or if it is dry you can make tea with it, being the most common form of consumption today. There are also capsules available with the product in powder form.

There are different types of plant Kratom, finding the green, white and reddish yellow. The color refers to the stem and leaf veins. The color largely determines the type of effect and its properties. Different Kratom leaves contain a large number of different alkaloids for example Ciliafilina, Especiociliatina, Corinoxina or rhynchophylline.

Kratom powder

Kratom effects and benefits of this drug’s effects vary and also depend on the amount ingested and biochemistry of each person. Similarly doses depend on the type and amounts Kratom, as there are more potent than others. In general, at low doses it has a stimulating and invigorating effect, helping to prolong intercourse, improving erectile dysfunction problems. It can also serve to gain attention and concentration or to enter a state of heightened creativity. At higher doses its effects are narcotic and relaxing, having an anti-inflammatory function that helps relieve pain and treat different diseases.

I personally use at low doses Kratom occasionally looking intense mental stimulation, which allows me to make better use of learning something and greater attention and focus on a task. I also used it during a season in which he suffered from insomnia and I was fine. I am preparing a series of posts and videos about the different types of Kratom and how to prepare them and take them, so you know its effects and benefits firsthand. This will take me a while yet but surely will be an interesting for those who want to start using this plant material.

I know people who use it as anti – inflammatory, or to alleviate muscle pain and chronic fatigue, with excellent results. Another person affected by multiple sclerosis also reported improvements me using this plant, rather than using any of the drugs of all kinds that have prescribed over time.

It has a wide range of applications, for example in helping withdrawal drug addicts as heroin or cocaine. The kratom tree also helps reduce anxiety.

It is a very potent plant, it works, but we must use it and go rotating making different types of Kratom for a dependency does not occur, it may appear a slight addiction in consumption but nothing alarming need to worry who making.

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